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  1. Rewatched it in anticipation of the new season and, as good as it is, it dropped off a bit for me with Chuck's death.


    A brilliant character and an equally brilliant performance.


    But they've done a great job with all the stories, and I like the new Salamanca--he's another unique character in a show full of them.


    I agree about that scene with Mike, though. Hopefully it's a one-off.


  2. I was wondering about that last night (having just finished "The Big Short"): who has shorted (parts of) the market, and what have they used as the vehicle?


    In that book it was insurance against parts of the bond market.


    But I don't know what you'd buy to short the entire market.


  3. 1 hour ago, Pistonbroke said:


    He makes a few mistakes defensively, but then so do Robbo and TAA. When you play in a good team with good CB's and a M/F ahead of you it isn't a great problem and he plays exactly like TAA and Robbo do utilising his pace. 

    This game is funny as fuck, because Bayern have literally bummed a very naively managed Chelsea. If we are to progress I wouldn't be afraid of Bayern though. They are capable of very mediocre performances in the league this season and will always give up chances to attack minded teams like ourselves. 

    Hopefully we get a chance to see him up against Salah and TAA at some point this season.


    First time I've seen him this season, but I've watched him a few times with Canada, and he looks like he's going to be a great player.