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  1. It's not that, for me.


    It's that the companies that offer me the closest alternatives run on a similar business model.


    So if Bezos can get it to me cheaper, and within an acceptable time frame, I'm going to save my money.


    That said, I shop at my local store every week, usually spending $50-$60; I order from Amazon every few months, spending $100-150.


    So my local store, with it's local employees, my neighbours, get most of my money.



  2. Not only will they deliver a giant tub of (smooth) peanut butter at a $3 savings, they'll deliver you the news, pre-packaged (though without attribution):




    Segments outlining their efforts to promote health and safety within the company.


    Amazon now manufacturing consent, apparently.


    It also speaks to the state of TV journalism, of course, that they'd air a segment that arrived at their station via e-mail, without any identification, etc.

  3. 6 minutes ago, TK421 said:

    What an absurd post.  Nobody eats smooth peanut butter.

    If I wanted to eat peanuts, I'd eat peanuts. 


    When you buy a pound of butter, do you expect to find little chunks of cheese in it?

    5 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    Fuck me whats his name? Brad Wesley? 

    Jim Pattison, and he really is like a small-town movie villain: he's got a financial interest in all sorts of companies, and when he talks the government listens.

  4. I buy from Amazon every few months.


    They can ship me out a giant tub of (smooth) peanut butter three bucks cheaper than my local store. The virus has meant my local store has shut down their bulk-buy section, so I use Amazon to buy raisins and flax seed as well. Their green tea makes an affordable every-day alternative to the expensive stuff I buy from e-bay. 


    I console myself with the knowledge that the fellow that owns my local store owns half the province already--everything from billboards to car dealerships to TV stations to sawmills--and he does so in part by paying his employees (in my local store and elsewhere) low wages, and keeps them all part time so he doesn't have to provide benefits.


    I bet the only thing that gives him an erection now is looking at Amazon's business model, the cheap prick.

  5. I thought Stallone was good in "Copland" as well.


    But that only serves to highlight the endless stream of shite he's provided over the last 40 years.


    If he'd made even one "Copland" to every 10 Rocky/Rambo iterations he's made, I'd agree he doesn't belong on the list.


    Maybe if it had been more popular/profitable/well-received, he would have.


    Can't argue with his success--he hasn't made too many bad decisions overall.

  6. It looks like--though I can't find the link where I read it last night--that at some point he prevented the victim from escaping.



    In the Glynn County police incident report on the shooting, Gregory McMichael told an officer that at one point Arbery "began running back the direction from which he came and 'Roddy' attempted to block him which was unsuccessful." It's the only mention in the police report of any potential involvement by Bryan.





  7. 18 hours ago, polymerpunkah said:

    Touching the Void


    As others have mentioned, an amazing story of human survival. 9 of 10 It's a great book, as well.


    North Face


    Dramatized story of a 1930's attempt to climb the north face of the Eiger. Takes some (unnecessary) licence with the facts, but a decent effort. 7 of 10 

    The Beckoning Silence


    A documentary in which the survivor of the first movie travels to the Eiger to look at the factual events on which the second movie is based. Does a decent job of telling the true story of what happened. 7 of 10




    I'm with both of the above re: Red Dragon.


    The original was great, it's my favourite of all the movies based on his books. 


    And I do think it's due to the book, as it was head and shoulders better than any of the later books. Dolarhyde is a excellent character.