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  1. Home-made bread, toasted, some diced cheddar cheese, then an over-easy egg on top, with the yolk seeping down melting the cheese and onto the toast. Cup of coffee, cup of tea.


    Perfect way to kick off a lazy Sunday morning watching the unmentionable.


    As much as I enjoyed being off work, there's something to be said for old routines: swearing away at work all week, then doing sweet fuck all on the week-end.



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  2. A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East


    David Fromkin


    Great title for a good book. A tad esoteric, of course, but it does a good job of setting out the diplomatic machinations that went into the post-WWI settlement.


    Surprised to learn how central Churchill was to the whole process. I thought all he did between South Africa and WWII was Gallipoli. Definitely not the case.

  3. Will there be "fitness for work" tests, or the equivalent?


    They're out of school, there are thousands of acres of parsnips out there to pick, they're already pretty low to the ground....


    The bonus is they can eat the ones that aren't quite up to standard, thereby taking care of the hunger problem.



  4. Someone--Howie?--mentioned how few black US senators there have been.


    My math is terrible (I can't even spell it correctly), but here goes:


    There have been approx. 2000 senators total.


    Assuming a uniform average length of service over time, there have been approx. 1200 senators since the end of the civil war in 1865.


    There have been ten (10) black senators in those 150 years (and two of those were appointed).


    That's not even 1%.


    In Congress, (using the same math) there have been approx. 6600 members since the end of the civil war. 153 have been black. Roughly 2.3%.


    The percentage of black people in the US is approx. 12% and was there or thereabouts in 1865 as well.

  5. On 06/06/2020 at 12:14, Elite said:

    Hats off to whoever recommended Dave on BBC iPlayer, first two episodes are okay but from that point onwards it's hilarious.

    If I didn't know he was practicing law in Montreal now, I'd swear Dave was one of my room-mates at university.


    Same looks, same voice, same mannerisms, same sense of humour. He even loved rap.




    I'm pretty sure he didn't have a "fuck me silly 3", though.