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  1. What the hell are they waiting for?


    Someone to invent a time machine so they can go back and listen in?


    Talk to the players, determine what each said or thought was said, check any other possible sources, and make a decision.


    Given Luis' performance vs. Stoke, it's not bothering him much, but it's still not something anyone should have hanging over their head.

  2. 30 years ago today, in Canada, a day that lives in infamy known as:


    Blue Monday.




    Rick Monday homers off Steve Rogers and the Dodgers go to the World Series.


    30 years ago today.


    I still hate Rick Monday.


    But Fanning never should have put Rogers in to pitch.


    Great post-season so far this year. The last day of the season was amazing, and now I'm switching on the games in the 7th or 8th inning and it's working out perfectly.


    Hoping the Rangers win.

  3. Doing some reading on the Bush/Cheney presidency.


    "One Percent Doctrine" by Ron Suskind


    A look at Cheney's approach to foreign policy: "If there's a one percent chance of something bad happening, we have to do something about it. Pre-emptively."


    Gives some excellent insight into why they attacked Iraq. Speaking of:


    "Plan of Attack" by Bob Woodward


    Basically a blow-by-blow of how Bush/Cheney went to war against Iraq, starting their preparations in November 2001 (if not before 911).


    It's good for the basic details, but not much analysis. I hope to find a couple more books to do some comparison.


    Listened to "The Spanish Civil War: A Very Brief Introduction" by Helen Graham


    One of a series of "Brief Intros" to all sorts of subjects, published by the Oxford Uni Press. I've read/listened to a dozen or so, and they're all excellent. Detailed, but accessible to a dummy like me.

  4. "The only thing I will say - and then it is put to bed - is that the football club and everyone at the football club is totally and utterly fully behind Luis Suarez," said the Scot.


    "There was an allegation after the game about him diving all over the place and there was an allegation from Patrice Evra.


    "Obviously the two things are emotive but we support the wee man on both things.


    "At the start of the week the club made their position known and apart from what I have said we won't be adding to it.


    "We are fully looking forward to a complete, transparent report from the FA and we will co-operate 100%."


    A polite "fuck off" to both Evra and Ferguson.