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  1. Emma O’Reilly, the Irishwoman at the heart of the Lance Armstrong story, has rejected the American drug cheat’s attempts at an apology.


    Disgraced cyclist Armstrong admitted in his Oprah Winfrey interview that he had attempted to apologise to O’Reilly for his treatment of her.


    he Dubliner had worked as a physio and masseuse with Armstrong’s team at the Tour de France and was labelled a ‘whore’ by the cyclist after she spoke about his drug abuse to Irish journalist David Walsh.


    Now O’Reilly has rejected his apology and spoken out after he admitted to bullying her in the wake of her interview with Walsh.


    O’Reilly, who was sued by Armstrong after the Walsh book L.A. Confidential was published, told ITV breakfast television in Britain that his confession was ‘old news’ to her.


    She said: “I missed a call from Armstrong on Sunday night. He then sent a text saying: ‘This is Lance, call me please, thanks’.


    “Sorry is not at all enough at this stage. All of it has never felt like vindication - I can never think of another word to use but I hate that word because it suggests almost that there was some vindictiveness.


    “I had only ever spoken about it because I hated seeing what some of the riders were going through, because not all the riders were comfortable with cheating as Lance was.


    “You could see when they went over to the dark side their personalities change, and I always felt it was an awful shame - they were just young lads in the prime of their life having to make this awful decision, sort of living the dream, yet the dream is a nightmare.


    “That was always why I had spoken out - it wasn’t about Lance, it was about drugs and cycling.”


    Armstrong had earlier admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he had tried to apologise to O’Reilly for his vicious personal attacks on her.


    She had worked with the US Postal Service team from 1996 to 2000 and was one of the key whistleblowers in the case against Armstrong.


    After labelling O’Reilly a ‘whore’ and an ‘alcoholic’, Armstrong tried to apologise on Sunday night.


    The shamed star told Oprah: “She’s one of these people that I have to apologise to. She’s one of these people who got run over, who got bullied.”


    Asked if he had taken legal action against O’Reilly, a hesitant Armstrong added: “To be honest Oprah we sued so many people… I’m sure we did.




  2. The irony of what's happening with Suarez is that it actually has its roots in racism, there's no way he'd be subjected to what he is if he wasn't an outsider. He's portrayed as some kind of cheating south american savage.




    Suarez has been publically degraded by people like commentators, journalists and mangers and fans have essentially been 'given permission' to talk about him however they want, it knocks me sick and makes me unbelievably mad.


    Amen. Watching what's been done to Suarez from across the Atlantic has been sickening/fascinating. A witch-hunt, from start to finish.


    And watching Terry walk away un-touched--if not openly excused--by the English press, just re-inforces that fact.

  3. I was surprised how much room Sunderland allowed at the back.


    The pattern for teams like that is usually "line up the bus, try to keep them outside, and then sneak a goal on the counter".


    I don't know if the direct ball would work too well against teams that do that. It worked well today as there was room for it to work.


    So perhaps a good adjustment to circumstances, by the players, by Rodgers, or both?