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  1. There were two big stories in Belarus in the last week of July. On the plus side, their premier, Alexander Lukashenko caught a catfish bigger than the pike Vladimir Putin had landed in Siberia a few days earlier. More difficult to comprehend, though, was the news that Uralkali, a Russian firm run by Suleiman Kerimov, had broken off a business agreement with a Belarusian company that effectively fixed global potash prices. It's hard to say precisely what the consequences will be, but pressure has already been placed on the Belarusian rouble, while a surge in the supply of potash should lead to a decrease in the cost of fertiliser (and thus perhaps food). It could also lead to the sale of Samuel Eto'o to Chelsea.



  2. We have gone after young players, unsuccessfully for the most part--are there older players on the down-hill slide who could help the team in the short term?


    Don't abandon the model--just one or two experienced vets who could make real contributions, if only in the short term, might help us get closer to fourth.


    Or would they want too much in wages--one final big pay packet--to make it worthwhile?

  3. Watched a few episodes of season 5--the train robbery and the giant magnet--and all I kept thinking of is Wile Coyote and the Roadrunner.


    But then watched most of season 4 on Saturday: excellent show with a fantastic cast.


    They could have ended the series shortly after Gus adjusted his tie for the last time, though. That was an impressive bit of television.

  4. He said: 'It doesn’t matter who you are, if they’re not pulling their weight then they are letting down the club, the city and everyone who has stood by them.

    'So until I get that assurance that we are going to get nothing but 100 per cent commitment, then there will be no solution.

    'There has been a lot said and a lot reported, and we have made a stance, as a club and as a manager, of the commitment and the standards required.

    'If you don’t have that commitment and those standards then you won’t play. It’s as simple as that.

    'There’s no problem between me and him, it is quite calm. But obviously I have got to respect the club and the team.'




    Another interview talking about "commitment" but no mention of apology.


    Hopefully they can iron things out in private in the next few weeks, and he does come back with that 100 percent commitment.

  5. I still hope Real (or another non-Prem club) comes in with an acceptable bid, and he goes.


    We will never replace the best of him, but we can easily replace the worst by getting someone who isn't constantly causing problems and missing matches due to suspension. It's just too much of a gamble, IMO.


    And that's assuming he does what's necessary to actually make it back into the club-house and the line-up.


    Kudos to Rodgers and Henry for their reactions to this latest, but I think the best thing for the club is that he goes.

  6. Quotes from the head of the PFA:


    "If you are going to have a supposed buy-out clause it should be that, but it is different as it says if there is no qualification for the Champions League [by Liverpool] and if there is a minimum offer of £40million then the parties will get around the table to discuss things but it does not say the club has to sell.


    "It quite clearly states £40million is a minimum offer for discussions, but it becomes really difficult with such clauses.


    "There is a 'good faith' clause in relation to serious discussions but I can't say it is cast-iron buy-out clause.


    "Luis is one of our members and we want to be supportive, however, he may well have thought such an offer would trigger a move.


    "The interpretation is not that simple by any means and there is no guarantee of getting a (successful) result if it is referred to the Premier League.


    "I just feel like in any other transfer it is better for both parties to get around the table to try to resolve it.


    "You are hoping the club say 'If you are determined to go this is the figure we are looking at but if you are prepared to stay another year and you still want to go we will accept this much'.


    "At the moment it is certainly festering and I don't think it is a good situation for the player or the clubs involved.


    "It is not edifying and that is why I feel we had to do our best to get round the table and see if there are grounds for consideration for the move but it (the clause) is not specific and 100% certain.


    "We are in touch with both parties to try to see if some resolution can be achieved that is satisfactory to both sides."




    Surprised he'd be discussing presumably confidential contract clauses with the press?

  7. Duval's colonel in "Apocalypse Now".


    You smell that? Do you smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' dink body. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like . . . victory. Someday this war's gonna end.


    "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."


    That is a great line.

  8. There is nothing to say (on the Suarez deal). I have been away now for two or the weeks and it’s hard to see how things are advanced because everyone is on tour at the moment and it’s very difficult to get in touch with people.


    "We are ready to do quick deals but all the transfers do not depend only on us. We are prepared to wait. It looks unlikely before the Emirates Cup (next weekend), but we still have a strong squad."


    "With or without additions we can be title challengers next season,” he proclaimed. “We try to do the job and we will try to do it well, but nothing has been concluded with anybody.


    "What we want is not a name but a good player. The name is less important. What is more important is the quality of the player. At the moment I must tell you we are not close to signing anybody.


    "Of course we want to do as many top players as we can, but we also have to focus on the players we have and develop them.


    Wenger, down-playing expectations?


    More tea leaves to read.

  9. If we are under no legal obligation to sell him, then don't sell him to Arsenal. Let him go on strike, let him go to court, let him train alone. Sell him in January to whoever is willing to take him then.


    We wouldn't have strengthened Arsenal and fucked ourself, even if we lose 20 million off his value. His reputation as a professional will be permanently tarnished.


    I am praying the club are seeing it this way too.


    Arsenal have a 70 million pound kitty, according to the papers. Tell them "70 million, plus one pound."


    It would be a gamble to "force" him to stay, no doubt.


    But there is no chance that strengthening Arsenal while weakening ourselves is a positive.