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    Suarez set to go to Old Toilet for the Ajax game.

    If he goes, he's only giving them an opportunity to contrive another incident. And it's clear at this point that Ferguson and the press would love to keep this going. Doesn't make much sense to give them any opportunity.
  2. It says Premiership midfield, and since I assume winning the Prem is the goal, I'd take Pepe and Alonso over Xavi and Iniesta. If it's winning the Spanish League, then maybe I'd go for Xavi and Iniesta. Then again, maybe not. Last I checked, Barca were a point or two behind.
  3. Pepe and Alonso Too bad Essien is broken down, or he'd be one of the two.
  4. I think their previous manager was class. I don't think AVB quite knows what he is at this point. Other than in over his head.
  5. polymerpunkah

    Liverpool vs Brighton - FA Cup 5th Round

    New video gallery | 101 Great Goals Football site Goals and a few other high-lights.
  6. polymerpunkah

    Liverpool vs Brighton - FA Cup 5th Round

    So simple. Hopefully that gives both of them some confidence.
  7. polymerpunkah

    Films of the 70's

    A couple more Hackman.
  8. polymerpunkah

    Films of the 70's

    "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" Small movie about a small time crook. One of my favourites.
  9. polymerpunkah

    The GF book thread

    I'm reading Shelby Foote's "Civil War". Three volume opus on the US Civil War, concentrating on the battles. Written by a southerner, with a southern view-point. Not biased, but a much more sympathetic approach to the southerners, though not to their cause.
  10. polymerpunkah

    other games

    Thanks. I checked the UEFA site, but couldn't make sense of much of it.
  11. polymerpunkah

    other games

    At what point do all these early withdrawals impact on the four CL spots?
  12. polymerpunkah

    other games

    Brilliant backheel, Zenit 2-1: Sergei Semak v Benfica | Football goal videos, highlights & clips - 101GG Zenit's second. Robinho with Milan's third.
  13. polymerpunkah

    Best possible threesome

    I'd go with Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, all-time.
  14. polymerpunkah

    other games

    Barca up 2-1 at Leverkeusen after 78 minutes. But they do look vulnerable at the back. Should get interesting in the later stages. Hell, this round could get interesting if Leverkeusen take their chances. And if the officials let them play the GD game.
  15. polymerpunkah

    Best foreign Films

    Watched "Z" last night. French movie about a 1960s Greek political assasination. Very good movie. "The Three Colours": a loose trilogy based on the French "liberty, equality, fraternity". "The Bicycle Thief". An examination of post-war Italian socioeconomics. "Swept Away By A...." Another Italian movie, a comedy about class warfare and the relationship between the sexes.
  16. polymerpunkah

    Favourite firearm

    The mech suit in District 9. Just for the ability to "gravity gun" a pig at the bad guys.
  17. polymerpunkah

    Greatest Songwriters

    Burt Bacharach wrote quite a few. bj thomas - raindrop keep falling on my head - YouTube Willie Dixon wrote a lot of blues classics. Willie Nelson wrote quite a few country classics for others before starting to record on his own. Patsy Cline - Crazy - YouTube
  18. polymerpunkah

    FSG cowboys and cowards...

    For me, the moment the FA kangaroo court decision came down FSG should have had a plan in place for what they would do. If they decided not to appeal, they had to release a comprehensive statement, draw a line under the entire matter, and make that clear to FA, press, players and management. That decision established the "truth". Even if it's not the truth. And everything that happened after than point would be viewed in terms of that "truth". So any defense offered would be seen as defending racism, any action taken would be seen as racially motivated. Even if it wasn't. They had to be fully prepared for a negative decision, and they didn't seem to have any sort of plan in place. And yes, I realize hind-sight is 20-20. But going forward, FSG has to have people in place who are prepared to deal with these things, quickly and aggressively.
  19. polymerpunkah

    Actors who keep cropping up

    Jeffrey Tambor
  20. polymerpunkah

    Luis Apologizes

    Grab a hammer and join in? Ayre's statement throwing Suarez under the bus.
  21. polymerpunkah

    other games

    Great goal by Fletcher-Christian-St.John-Smith for Wolves. Nice build-up excellent turn and shot. Against WBA and the run of play to make it 1-1 at the half.
  22. polymerpunkah

    RE Suarez: Is it time for the club to go shit or bust?

    I'm starting to understand what it means to be an LFC supporter: I went to work to get my mind off the football. As for the Scum and Ferguson and the press and the FA and the rest of them, they can all go fuck themselves. They wanted Luis, and by extension, LFC to kneel down. That's what they've wanted all along. Fuck 'em. But I do agree we shouldn't have taken the muddled middle road. Either accept the kangaroo court's decision and let it drop entirely, or fight it as far as as possible.
  23. polymerpunkah

    Capello Gone

    Ladies and gentlemen, I now direct your attention to ring number 3.... Papers now reporting that Pearce allegedly racially abused Ince in 1994.