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    Other football

    Halsey's given another phantom penalty, against City. I suppose he's trying to prove he's not biased, just incompetent.
  2. polymerpunkah

    Great Mans Hair

    Starting to look a bit like Bride of Frankenstein, but still a pretty impressive do.
  3. polymerpunkah

    Hillsborough "The Search For Truth" 10.25pm

    "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." My profound respect for those--families, supporters and the few politicians--who refused to let that happen in this case. Twenty-three years of relentless effort has at least, at last, produced the truth. I hope Justice for the 96 is next. YNWA
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    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I don't care that we didn't get Dempsey. And I don't care that Carroll is gone either. Neither are the type of player who will mesh well with Suarez, IMO. And Suarez is the key going forward. What does bother me is that we didn't get a striker in who will work well with Suarez. A month ago. Maybe Borini will be that player. Or maybe it will be Sterling and Suarez developing that relationship. But it does seem a risk relying on such inexperienced players.
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    My feelings in french

  6. polymerpunkah

    Samed Yesil

    Reds sign youth striker - Liverpool FC
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    Ollie Holt

    What's most galling is his attempting to use Barnes' argument about racism to support his position now, when he ignored it completely as the head of the Suarez witch-hunt. What a shameless fucking hack.
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    Best possible threesome

    Yeah, but apparently she was quite something in the sack. Look at Helen, bang Cleo. Perfect.
  9. polymerpunkah

    Next England Captain?

    Jesus, that looked bad. Hope they're alright.
  10. polymerpunkah

    RIP Alex Jarmay

    Sad sad news. RIP Alex
  11. polymerpunkah

    Macheda charged over homophobic tweet

    So a former United player accepts a charge of "bringing the game into disrepute" due to a homophobic tweet, and now a current United player is charged with the same thing. Looks like something systemic to me. Time for another press/FA witch-hunt.
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    Agree with all of that. Happiest for Kenny, I think. He's taken a lot shit in the past couple of months from a bunch of people not fit to lace his boots, personally or professionally. Push on for the FA and fourth.
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    Old Time Beauties

    Sophia Loren
  14. polymerpunkah

    Today's Other Games

    All four defenders running around or toward Van Persie. And now it's five. Pearce looks pleased.
  15. polymerpunkah

    Today's Other Games

    That was well-taken. 7-6 finish?
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    Who is your favourite serial killer, and why?

    Hard to argue with Bundy. Killed from coast to coast, escaped from jail to keep killing, represented himself, fried for his crimes. Honourable mention from Canada: Robert Pickton. Killed 26 (possibly up to 50) women and disposed of their bodies on his pig farm in a suburb of Vancouver, BC. I lived in the same suburb for five years of his spree. I'm not a Jew or Moslem.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    One Million Years BC An anthropology lesson, and Raquel Welch in a leather bikini. Two thumbs up.
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    Suarez - Will he be here next season?

    This is an article by Bascombe in the Telegraph. It's dated Feb 23, and was linked on the front sports web-page for a couple of hours, about half way down the page in the tiniest print possible. It's gone already as far as I can see. I hope to hell he's right. Suarez is one of the best players in the world and he'll be impossible to replace.
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    Today's Other Games

    Fast start between Bayern and Basil. Each keeper has made a great save, and Freye has just put one off the bar.
  20. polymerpunkah

    Today's Other Games

    "not a bad Chelsea performance" He's taking the piss at this point. Has the keeper had a really difficult save to make?
  21. polymerpunkah

    Today's Other Games

    Handball? Horrible defending in any case.
  22. polymerpunkah

    Today's Other Games

    Gift-wrapped. Helped him open it, as well.
  23. polymerpunkah

    Today's Other Games

    CSKA score at the death for a 1-1 at home to Real Madrid. Pretty good second half. Don't hold much hope for CSKA in Madrid, but they played a lot more aggressively in the second half.
  24. polymerpunkah

    It's pancake day.

    Canned peaches and/or maple syrup