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  1. Johnny Cougar

    Christmas Clout (NSFW)

  2. Johnny Cougar

    Christmas Clout (NSFW)

    Gotcha. Good work that man.
  3. Johnny Cougar

    Christmas Clout (NSFW)

    I've done that and the only option is 'save page as' or some such shit. What then? That pic you posted of the Blonde piece with the gold baubles needs to be not only shared, but saved as desktop background.
  4. Johnny Cougar

    Christmas Clout (NSFW)

    I've already done that, now I want to save them for future 'reference' etc....
  5. Johnny Cougar

    Christmas Clout (NSFW)

    What's the story with saving pics on this new site lads? In the past you just left clicked and either 'saved image as' or 'set as desktop background', but dont seem to be able to do that now. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Johnny Cougar

    Christmas Clout (NSFW)

    I may be on this thread for some time. Top quality work so far.
  7. Johnny Cougar

    Ashes Down Under 2013/14

    I'd terminate Pietersen's contract now, make the cunt pay for his own flight home and never pick him again. Fucking idiot.
  8. Johnny Cougar

    Sports Personality of the Year

    Andy Murray wins a 'Personality' award. Scenes etc..
  9. Johnny Cougar

    Other football

    Lambert has had a great deal of leeway off both board and fans so far, but they are a shambles today. He needs to look out or he could well be the next for the sack. It's between him and Toad of Toad Hall for the next man overboard.
  10. Johnny Cougar

    Steve Clarke sacked by West Brom!

    I've been on that Bus for a while mate. I thought it was taking me to the coast for a nice, relaxing retirement, but it keeps breaking down and choking me with fumes. Come and sit next to me here and watch the in flight film. It's called "what teenage lesbi friends Amy and Molly did with the Zucchini". It's only just started and they haven't gone out into the vegetable patch yet. Eventually the Bus just drops you off where you started from once the film ends. It's like Franz Kafka only with Chlorophyl and bad acting.
  11. Johnny Cougar

    Boxing 2013

    Christ on a Bike Darren. Was it worth the payday?
  12. Johnny Cougar

    Boxing 2013

    Cracking opening round.
  13. Johnny Cougar

    Boxing 2013

    Barker needs to outwork this chancer and get a good few rounds in the bag. Fast pace, work off that jab and make Sturm work, which he hasn't done for years. Barker on points quite cosily if it goes to plan.