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  1. Just now, Harry's Lad said:

    Only 1?

    I was thinking they could take of all them and use them to educate people about the statistics. Have them all in a row. Remove the first 20 or 30, "these would be asymptomatic", then the next 50/60. "These will have mild symptoms".


    Until they get to the last one.


    "And sadly, a small percentage of them..."


    It probably would stop people partying in the middle of a fucking pandemic.



  2. 9 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    Yeah all them people marching through London / Brighton not wearing masks. the twats in shops calling people "sheep" when challenged.... They are getting more and more prominent and yeah I get that people are getting fed-up but I bet most of the mouth cunts haven't obeyed it much at all. 


    For clarity, I am not in anyway absolving the government of blame but its not just a handful of cunts its millions and they are just prolonging the high infection rates whilst spouting that we are all sheep. 

    Prolonging high infection rates and prolonging the very conditions that they're apparently protesting about.



    To be honest, I wasn't quite so forgiving in my thoughts yesterday. I was watching the news and they showed this kid who was probably only about five or six years old. Had a fucking shopping list of ailments, already living a difficult enough life. His old man was, predictably, struggling to control himself when interviewed. Anyway, if this kid gets covid he's almost certainly curtains.


    The next story was of a group of about 100 smelly cunts at a rave. Obviously zero masks, etc. 


    At the time I was hoping one of them could be randomly selected and executed on national TV. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    Its 50/50 to be honest. I hate this fucking government as much as anyone and they have absolutely killed people with their fuckong around. Initial lockdown was far too late, masks should have been brought in compulsory a lot sooner and then policed better and all that eat out help out / fuck off abroad / schools piling back in with little or no social distancing has been an absolute disaster. You have to admit though that large parts of the public just don't give a fuck. Its easy to say loads don't know the rules but they couldn't have been much clearer from the very start at least and it doesn't take too much common sense to think ok, I will keep a distance, I will wear a mask in shops etc and no i won't just throw parties etc and surround myself with shit loads of people. Arrogant bastards. 


    The government are absolutely cunts. So are lots of people. 

    A lot of people rightly or wrongly (wrongly, obviously, but understandably) take their cue from the government though. If they continue to make fucking atrocious decisions it dents confidence and leads to people thinking "fuck this". 


    The idea of a short circuit breaker lockdown would be almost universally supported if the government supported those businesses that would feel the economic pain, weren't so brazenly treating regions differently, and if they hadn't just wasted the last few months filling their mates pockets with public money and generally making it up as they go along re regional restrictions. 


    People should take personal responsibility and hopefully have some sense of civic duty and care for others, but there will always be some people that are basically a bit of a bell. It's partly the role of the government to ensure they limit the negative behaviour of them.




  4. 4 hours ago, Gumsy said:

    Five centre backs on our list according to the Express: Ozan Kabak, Dayout Upamecano, Pau Torres, Jules Kounde and Mykola Matvienko.


    The first two are familiar names. Does anyone know if the other three are any good?





    On 26/10/2020 at 20:22, Jairzinho said:

    Pau Torres.


    Agger without the injures.


    I only emailed Jurgen on Tuesday.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, MegadriveMan said:


    The Labour party have alienated the Scots and the working class, and now seem set on alienating the Youth, student, socialist vote. 


    Who the fuck is going to vote for them?


    Floating voters in the marginals.


    That, presumably, is the plan.