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  1. 12 minutes ago, Stickman said:

    Just when you think you’ve seen everything …Fielder catches ball right on boundary but at the same time his team mate slides into his leg whilst touching the boundary …Result not out and a six ..

    Got to be honest I thought it was out as he had control of the ball…


    Although that decision wasn’t as bad as that LBW

    Bumble reckons it should have been out.


    And yeah, appalling that LBW decision. Somerset have properly shit the bed here though having recovered from 3-2 to 60-2 or whatever it was.



  2. 51 minutes ago, Jack the Sipper said:

    Did my first ever Parkrun this morning, at Highbury Fields London. I didn't finish last, which is always a plus. I was surprised to learn that they not only record your time, but where you finished in the field, along with age category. Pretty impressive stuff.


    I recorded the run on both my Nike Run Club app and my Garmin watch, which threw up another issue I though I'd resolved. Up till a few months back all my times and distances were recorded on the app, then I got the watch, which suddenly put my times for distances back by 5% to 10% (eg: 5k in 35mins rather than 30mins at the same pace). I'd begrudgingly accepted the watch as more accurate as it seemed to tally more with times on treadmills, but today the app was spot on with the distance the Parkrun organisers recorded while the watch was 200 metres out!


    I need to measure both on a track to find out one way or the other.



    Use plotaroute.com, then you can just use a stopwatch (or the application on your phone). As long as you aren't that arsed about splits, etc.


    I ended up fucking off my smartwatch. Was sick of how unreliable, and miles off runkeeper on my phone, it was. Runkeeper on my phone is far more accurate.


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  3. 9 hours ago, DalyanPete said:

    Mixed actually, we told one of our Daughters to book somewhere else 2 days ago as prices for holidays are going up.

    Still not sure if uk will accept our Sinovac vaccination.

    On the plus side, should get home for Christmas now and return with some lovely pork products. 

    Really appreciate the thought though fella, thanks.

    Ahh, that's a fucker. I suppose it had been starting to look like Turkey would never move from the red list. 


    I don't know re the vaccine type either. Doubt they even know.


    Glad you can get back though. I couldn't last Christmas either. First time in my life that I couldn't see the family, really looking forward to this year's.

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