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    Accusing people of lying down as well. Disgusting.
  2. Jairzinho

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Bumble reckons it should have been out. And yeah, appalling that LBW decision. Somerset have properly shit the bed here though having recovered from 3-2 to 60-2 or whatever it was.
  3. Could do with this lad coming on not having any chances in front of goal.
  4. Southampton have somehow made it to half time without conceding against Manchester City.
  5. Well watched by Alisson. Unnecessary stuff from Thiago.
  6. It's both things. His pay here was low (relatively speaking), we didn't get a new contract sorted, consequently we allowed PSG to fling their cheque book at the situation.
  7. It's quite the choice to have to make when your first choice right back is out. Do we pick the 35 year old central midfielder or the centreback that has been injured for the last six years?
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    Use plotaroute.com, then you can just use a stopwatch (or the application on your phone). As long as you aren't that arsed about splits, etc. I ended up fucking off my smartwatch. Was sick of how unreliable, and miles off runkeeper on my phone, it was. Runkeeper on my phone is far more accurate.
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    Keir Starmer

    We thought he was with you.
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    Ahh, that's a fucker. I suppose it had been starting to look like Turkey would never move from the red list. I don't know re the vaccine type either. Doubt they even know. Glad you can get back though. I couldn't last Christmas either. First time in my life that I couldn't see the family, really looking forward to this year's.
  11. Should have been binned in the summer, just as Oxlade-Chamberlain should have been. Sometimes it feels like the club believes these signings/contracts exist in a vacuum. I suppose the club knows Klopp will get us to 4th whatever we do.
  12. Jairzinho

    Other Football 2021/22

    They could do a lot worse than signing him and getting the Ox back as well. £140m plus Martinelli and Saka.
  13. Jairzinho

    Other Football 2021/22

    Could see Arteta swapping Lacazette with Joelinton in January. The former would get a dozen goals and Arsenal would get relegated.
  14. Jairzinho

    Other Football 2021/22

    Joelinton cost £40m and has scored six in 69 Premier League games for Newcastle. Is he the worst signing in the history of football?
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    @DalyanPete Good news for you today, mate.