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    Free reign for nonces tonight.
  2. Jairzinho

    Lucas has not improved.

    Yes, me too. The shape of his previous Liverpool teams. Quite right about Barnes, although few are/were. The changing role of fullbacks in modern football seems to have limited the emergence of Barnes type players. It no longer seems to be obligatory that they can defend, although I think we've finally got some decent ones now.
  3. Jairzinho

    Suarez Needs Protection!

    In Scharner's defence, he is fucking alehouse enough to warrant about 1500 penalties a game given against him.
  4. Jairzinho

    Lucas has not improved.

    Aye. Carroll is the hope for the finishing bit obviously. Took his goal well against West Brom. But wide right, we actually still don't have anyone who's primary position is, indeed, wide right. My hope is that Dalglish gives Downing a run there. Bellamy or Maxi deserve a crack on the left, neither will step on Enrique's toes like Downing has been doing. Johnson and Kelly have both looked good enough going forward to give us the right foot/left foot inside/outside quite sure what I'm talking about/not quite sure what I''m talking about balance on either flank. Ya get me?
  5. Jairzinho

    Lucas has not improved.

    He's doing fine now. But obviously he'll improve. He's 24, and plays in a position where players tend to peak around the age of 30, Makelele, Hamann, even Scott Parker. We're fine in the centre of midfield. Our main glaring problems are having no-one that can play wide right, and a lack of a proper finisher upfront.
  6. Jairzinho

    Doncaster sign the 'New Henry'

    I think I hate Itandje more than any other former player. He looked a massive fucking cunt even at his first press conference. Kirkland is currently at Doncaster isn't he? Automatically one person in the dressing room that will fucking hate the odious little scrote.
  7. There are worse addictions.
  8. You a big sports bettor, Piscinin?
  9. Jairzinho

    BBC Football

    More chance of getting in behind.
  10. Jairzinho

    Shit Threads - What Are They For?

    Absolute cracker this one.
  11. Jairzinho

    Weekend's other games

    Just not quite enough swazz on it there.
  12. Jairzinho

    Weekend's other games

    Barcelona having a bit of a wobble here against QPR.
  13. Jairzinho

    Stuart Downing - what exactly is he?

    Good lord, its Code's brother.
  14. Jairzinho

    Weekend's other games

    Hmm, yes, but my word what about that Bale hattrick? Quite splendid.
  15. Jairzinho

    Weekend's other games

    QPR are shit.
  16. Jairzinho

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    Quite. Until they start giving penalties for fouls which don't end up with someone lying on the ground, expect dives.
  17. Jairzinho

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    Both of United's wingers.
  18. Jairzinho

    Sunday Supplement

    I think we'll finish 2nd.
  19. Jairzinho

    Sunday Supplement

    He looks like a walrus that has eaten another walrus.
  20. Jairzinho

    Weekend's other games

    Looked like Carroll slightly messed up the final touch before shooting. He did really well to get his shot away in the end.
  21. Jairzinho

    Owen Coyle

    He should swap jobs with Allardyce.
  22. Jairzinho

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    Bit of cream will sort your rez out in no time.
  23. Jairzinho

    Stuart Downing - what exactly is he?

    He used to at Villa, his right foot isn't terrible. I just think long term its a better option for the style of football we want to play. Carroll is improving and showing he's not one dimensional. Against West Brom he, at times, took the ball into feet, aerially, and even ran the channels. My point, I think anyway, is that we don't need Downing to play on the left for Carroll. We don't need him just spending the entire game aiming for Carroll's head. Because he's better than that, and so is Carroll.