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  1. Jairzinho

    Embarassing Bodies on C4

    Thats a fucking massive clit.
  2. Jairzinho

    Anyone missing European football?

    We did when we were in it. We've got a big squad that could easily cope with playing a few extra games. Its a European trophy, I don't understand why anyone would rather not be in Europe.
  3. Jairzinho

    Anyone missing European football?

    This is the main reason for me I'd want us to be in any European competition. We're in no position to turn our noses up at any trophy.
  4. Jairzinho

    Anyone missing European football?

    Yes. Its fucking rubbish not being in Europe. I'd much rather we were in the Europa league than not in Europe at all.
  5. Jairzinho

    Spurs (a)

    A quite astronomical fail.
  6. Jairzinho

    Spurs (a)

    We've basically paid £35m for a £15m striker.
  7. Jairzinho

    Spurs (a)

    Nice goal that. Would anyone take Defoe for £7.3m-8.45m?
  8. Jairzinho

    Spurs (a)

    Flanno's going to get sent off here.
  9. Jairzinho

    Spurs (a)

    Lovely passer is Adam, but he just can't tackle.
  10. Jairzinho

    Spurs (a)

    Bring Meireles on.
  11. Jairzinho

    Hummels & Gotze

    Are you suggesting that we watch loads but dislike it? Which is presumably what you do. I mean you wouldn't pass comment on the players if you'd never seen them play, would you?
  12. Jairzinho

    Raul Meireles

    You'd be hard pressed to find a statistic for tackling that favours Meireles, what with him being a HUGE FUCKING SHITHOUSE.
  13. Jairzinho


    This is almost definitely the worst thread on the internet.
  14. Jairzinho

    Ferguson: "De Gea Needs More Protection"

    I hope alehouse Kev bums the gayer into next week.
  15. Jairzinho

    STOKE (A)

    Stoke, like every team in this league apart from United, City, Chelsea, and ourselves, are fucking shit. So they should get bummed. We'll win 4-0.
  16. Jairzinho

    What was your Lynx of choice back in the day?

    Inca. Bit of a maverick, me.
  17. Jairzinho

    David Ngog

    He'll be rotated this year and probably play about 25-30 games in all competitions. I think he'll get 10-12 goals, which would represent a reasonable return.
  18. Jairzinho

    Not this AGAIN.....

    I'm sure Capello would really rather not be answering questions about how much alcohol his players are drinking.