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    Yes, not tested positive but have def had it. Started off with tight chest, very slight cough 5 weeks ago Saturday coming. Very mild version, just couldn't have gone out for a run. Like nothing I've ever had though, lungs periodically burn and feel like you are downing absinthe whilst the back of your throat is closing / restricted. Stayed about the same for 10 days then fine for a few days and since then dizzy spells and same very occasional involuntary cough. My wife almost identical. I reckon I'd have normally just gone to work scratching my head. The even milder version must be a massive reason for its spread as it has to be easy to miss, particularly as the symptom list is wide and even more so re reports of lots of asymptomatic cases. I think the kids passed it on to us as they had temps a few days before and very slight coughs after we showed symptoms. And I'd definitely have sent them to school in normal circumstances with how not unwell they were.
  2. Yoda

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Bony would be a comfort blanket type signing. It is the type of idea that a transfer committee or director of football is supposed to stop. Fully developed, but clearly inferior to Sturridge, whilst unlikely to work as a partnership with him. We’ve got too many great attacking midfielders to justify playing two that high up the pitch; unless both are of the quality of say a Suarez or a Sturridge. He would no doubt expect to be playing every week if we bought at £20m, so would soon be pouting on the bench before fucking off to the African Cup of Nations. This would no doubt coincide with a Sturridge injury; leaving us with Lambert up top to try and keep in the chase in January and avoid another early FA cup exit.
  3. Yoda

    Spare room tax

    I suspect this is going to be a monumental disaster. Classic cost cutting exercise pandering to the Daily Mail style belief that the 'feckless' poor will be motivated by the infliction of financial pain. The 'wealth creators' are of course motivated to 'invest' in the countries future by a flexible taxation system. How about solving the actual problem - build some more houses; rather than relying on inflamatory spin, such as Rico's Mercedes on the front drive.
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    What cheese would you use to hide a horse? Marscapone.
  5. Yoda

    Family holidays in South East Asia

    Check out Ankhor in Cambodia. Amazing place - your kids will love it you can go for a few days trip from Thailand or Nam. Siem Riep (cannot quote remember how spelt) is the town close to it and is a pretty chilled place.
  6. Yoda

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    It is disappointing that if Suarez or Borini are unavailable we are seriously light for strikers but it's not the end of the world. I'd far rather us build slowly, finally give some younger players a chance. For me if Morgan, Ngoo, Yesil are ever going to be any good they will be able to contribute now. We cannot compete with the City, Chelsea and Man U's by buying up 6-7 lower tier players a window and paying off our latest expensive flops. I'm hoping this is a sign that we have finally got a decent strategy in place - an opportunistic one where not just pick up players for big money that 'may' be of the required quality. I seriously doubt Dempsey would have made any marked difference in our results until Christmas - would he have even gone into a first choice 11?
  7. Yoda

    Carroll: The third-choice striker.

    Very well I'd imagine, since he won't be playing.
  8. Display some patience and don't spunk more money on dross which we'll only have to sell on at a loss in the future. Loan a striker towards the end of the window. There will be someone available. Finish 5th. Invest another £30m next summer. Repeat. No more punts or buying 'nearly' good enough players.
  9. Yoda

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I suspect it's a lot easier to display patience with developing players when you are at the top of the league and competing in the CL. The booing is frustration at results not necessarily aimed at the players. If you're frustrated you lash out at the easiest target.
  10. Yoda

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    If you were going to set up a sports website you've got to question why someone would name it Crunch Sports. It's not screaming credible to me
  11. Yoda

    Joe Allen thread

    Hazard will be on at least £100k a week more than Allen if we buy him. That is £5.2m a year or £26m over a five year contract - so the difference is not £17m.
  12. Were they? Surely their motives are exactly the same. Increase the value of the asset and then sell? Difference is that H&G didn't have the cash to back up their risky loans when the credit bubble burst and then were too greedy or thick to sell when they needed to. FSGs interests are aligned to the clubs as were H&Gs. Luckily FSG appear so far to have a bit more about them. They'll build the stadium when it makes commercial sense and invest in the club the value that makes commercial sense.
  13. Yoda

    Fabio Borini

    The spelling Borinin sent a Ukrainian shiver down my spine too
  14. Yoda

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    If we must get rid and cannot sell loan him to someone good ish - Stoke etc - at least the wages will be off the bill and he'd be taking points off our rivals
  15. Yoda

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Strikes me as though this Spurs thing is a bit of a red herring. I don't buy that Spurs would offer that much more than us - 50% - whoever their new manager is wouldn't be that desperate for him surely. If he was that hot a ticket - you'd have more teams than us in at circa £7m plus modest-ish wages. He's obviously got a lot of time for Rodgers as he agreed to sign for Swansea earlier this summer and given how quickly he pulled out after we brought Rodgers in I doubt he wanted to live on the Gower that much. Looks like a public contract negotiation to me.
  16. Yoda

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I think he's pretty tidy on the ball actually - pace and movement seems to be the issue - For me integrating him into the style would help because I do think he has almost unique qualities. We need to do something to challenge City, Chelsea and Man U and it's not going to be through acquiring better players than them going forward as we don't have the resources. Shipping Carroll out and bringing a second tier poacher in won't improve our effectiveness in my opinion.
  17. He can probably spell quantifiable though
  18. Yoda

    Director of football

    Structurally yes however you can definitely win more than you ought to from smart tactics. Probably why we seem to be interested in Martinez and Rodgers. Commoli looked like a pussy cat to me - you need the top man - Director of Football, Head Coach - whatever - to be a strong person who'll railroad the vision through
  19. Changing the manager every ten minutes won't get over any perceived problems. It will just cost to pay off coaching contracts and probably the players that the new man doesn't fancy. The players were bought for a reason with a plan in place. You cannot just keep changing the plan every year if it doesn't go exceedingly well. Keep the core and add strength around it when the need and opportunities arise. If we haven't performed markedly better by the end of next season then maybe you could start to consider whether the strategy was successful or not. He hasn't even got his feet under the table yet and it is a very competitive league.
  20. Yes, but there are obvious reasons for that other than poor management. The basis for Kenny's team is in place and there is evidence from how we have played more often than not that next year we will continue to improve. Getting someone else in now will disrupt that. The only signing that is questionable to me is Downing. Although I suspect he will be useful and effective coming off the bench, especially where we are ahead and he has a bit more space to operate in. He has played as a counter attacker his entire career so it is a bit of a change now for him to be desperately trying to unlock the two banks of four every team seems to employ against us.
  21. We do not need a lot of new players though. Hopefully he will get another season as until the confidence drained out of the team we defended well and were consistently dominant; even against the better teams. Carroll and Suarez works we just need to replace Spearing with a DM to back up Lucas and we will be set. A top attacking wide player with pace would obviously help and I'm sure with Kuyt and Maxis wages off the bill we can do that. I don't understand all the negativity - getting to two cup finals in a season where our best two players have missed massive chunks of the season and we've played without a specialist DM for most is hardly bad.
  22. Nah. They are going to have a central database, but the LDs have managed to fight for the crucial safeguard that the trusty, reliable and ethically sound police will ensure that it is not abused.
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    Two cats are going to have a race to see who can swim from Dover to Calais. First is called one two three, the other une deux trois. Which one gets to Calais first? One two three because une deux trois quatre cinq.
  24. Yoda

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    Blatant case of murder covered up by such a monumentally ridiculous story the Feds bought it