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    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    Ex-players have every right to voice an opinion but did any of these pricks turn down a contract offer because they were getting paid too much and it was going to come from the pockets of ordinary working class fans through ticket prices, more merchandise and ever increasing Sky subs? Did. They. Fuck. This reaction of ex-pros and politicians is nauseating, more so than businesses trying to business.
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    Rate the last game you've played...

    Yeah. Took an age, especially as the Knights in that area are bastards too if not good at parrying or slow on the block.
  3. skend04

    Rate the last game you've played...

    I've got past the second boss and now in the Undead Village. The bosses seem to be easier than some of the NPCs which are tough. Great game so far though, really into the Souls formula now. Not sure how a more open world Elden Ring will work in comparison to the tighter maps in previous games.
  4. Shang-Chi trailer. This looks good. Very different to what's come before.
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    She's got a child. She counts. It's the best bites show. Don't be a spoilsport.
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    Olia Hercules. Great name. Great lass. Just on Saturday Kitchen Bites at the minute
  7. skend04

    Prince Philip...

    Anne's son. Eldest grandchild I think.
  8. skend04

    Cancel Culture

    Never heard of him.
  9. skend04

    Cancel Culture

    Have you read the story because the letters seem to have gone to parents of pupils who organised peaceful protests against racism. As far as I know, no buildings or property were burnt.
  10. skend04

    Another US Shooting

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/apr/16/shooting-fedex-facility-indianapolis-reports Must have gotten angry waiting for a delivery.
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    I'm concerned by the moisture marks on the brickwork. Right at DPC level there.
  12. skend04

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Grabbed Dark Souls 3 for £8 last week (gutted as you can get it with the Witcher 3 for £5 from Game) and I beat the first boss without dying 500 times to do it. Fuck knows what happened there as I didn't even cheese the boss and I beat it first time.
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    Happy Birthday Rico

    Rico's birthday and it's Ramadan... Ramzan Mubarak brother Rico.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    Echoing what others say about Palm Springs. What a great little movie. 8.5/10
  15. skend04

    Prince Philip...

    Watched until the end but the police didn't kettle or charge anyone. A bit of an anti-climax that.
  16. skend04

    Prince Philip...

    Just checked. It's like they think it's not enough that it's on every free channel, we'll have to put it on the subscription channels too so all the middle classes know the news.
  17. skend04

    Prince Philip...

    BBC shifting Bargain Hunt and showing the same news on every fucking channel is just taking the piss.
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    Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. That's the definition. He's ticked most of them and is starting to use briefings to slag off opposition politicians. I think we aren't that far off.
  19. Think RP might have been watching but I watched it all too. Same for me, it grew into a very good show as it went along.
  20. skend04

    Sick of being Fat

    Cannot wait for the gyms to open. I've lost all motivation for any exercise at home bar some walking. Have put on some of the weight of lost previously because of it.
  21. skend04

    Katy Perry

    I know it's being picky but her feet. Damn! I could tell her to keep her socks on I guess.
  22. skend04

    Star Wars

    This looks good.
  23. Die Hard - Dye Harder - John McClane has to tie dye a batch of tee-shirts in 24 hours or Hans Gruber's other brother will kill his dog in this action packed sequel.