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  1. 10 minutes ago, DalyanPete said:

    Don't know what this bint says but she's not happy.



    Player Valuation: Free Transfer

    31 minutes ago


    EUROPA ???

    Afortunadamente no tendrán la oportunidad de hacer el ridículo y dar más disgusto a sus seguidores.


    Google translate tells us 


    Fortunately, they will not have the opportunity to make a fool of themselves and give more displeasure to their followers. from Spanish
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  2. Just now, Lee909 said:











    West Brom boss Sam Allardyce to Sky Sports: "It's hard to take after that obivously. We didn't want a result snatched away by us - not from aLiverpool - but by decisions taken today.

    "They were decisions which caused us problems in both Liverpool goals. It should be a drop ball not a free-kick. That's a complete blunder as far as the rules go. That's number one.

    "Then the goal we scored... VAR is meant to be there so that an onside player can score a goal. It's an outrageous, ridiculous decision when you've got VAR. They have gone against us on two occasions and it's the main reason why we haven't got three points today.

    "A number of times against the top six we were difficult to break down. Hal Robson-Kanu could have had a hat-trick with the flick-ons in behind today.

    "We had to take a bitter pill by losing in the last second of the game. It's a quality ball and it's just that split moment in somebody in our camp needing to say 'I'm going to mark him'. The bigger disappointment from me is on the two decisions. Outrageous is an understatement by the way."

    Ha ha fuck off you fat gravy wanking dinosaur

  3. 20 minutes ago, Sugar Ape said:

    I’ve been getting pain in my both my big toes for a while now, feel ok sometimes but feels like they’re burning of a night especially when the blanket touches them. 

    Had a blood test and I’ve got raised Urate levels so the GP reckons it’s Gout. It doesn’t sound exactly the same as what most of you are saying it’s like reading back through this thread though in that I’ve constantly had it for months (just in the big toes) and while it’s painful it’s certainly not as excruciating as some of you are saying. 

    She wants to put me on Allopurinol but some of the side effects don’t sound great. What’s the verdict on it from those who have to take it? @Carvalho Diablo @KMD7

    I've been taking Allopurinol for about 3 years now mate and have never suffered any side effects, and haven't had one gout attack since. Even after I had my transplant last year I was kept on them as a precaution and have been fine. It's worth a go mate. 

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  4. Rodgers painting

    Brendan Rodgers has added a second self-portrait to his home in celebration of Leicester’s first ever FA Cup victory. Youri Tielemans’ second-half wonder strike was enough to overcome finalists Chelsea.



    “It’s a wonderful tribute to me,” the Irishman told Soccer on Sunday. “I’ve another 40 copies in the garage, but I’ve promised myself that I’ll only erect one whenever I win an actual trophy — Scottish bits’n’bobs don’t count, obviously. As I say, you need that self discipline when it comes to erecting things, whether that’s a painting or a penis.”

    “I’d like to dedicate this victory to myself,” said Rodgers. “I’ve always been there to pick me up, through thick and thin. I’ve been a mentor to me, a friend, a teacher, and on lonely nights even a lover.”

    “So credit to me, this one goes out to me,” he added.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Section_31 said:

    Yeah that was his first gig I think? Believe it or not he was actually quite good in Games World, used to play a few different characters.

    Yeah true and he used to do the odd cameo appearance on Shooting Stars back in the day as well. 

  6. 6 hours ago, Kevin D said:

    That 45 second bit in the documentary when he says "the succubus has got him" - that is the only part of this thing that is not a fucking masterpiece.

    While that's true Kev aside from that I really enjoyed Plimpton and Mailer's contributions to the film. Ali had Mailer's number though. Loved the bit at the end when Mailer was recounting the time he met Ali later in life and Ali spent a while stroking his ego and then whispered to Mailer's wife out of earshot 'You still with that old dog?' Classic. 



  7. Regardless of what some may think of her nowadays this was one of the great GF threads. Just read through the thread again from the beginning and I've been in stitches reading some of the posts, especially after the first couple of pages when she started dressing sexier and everyone started realising she was really fit. And she really was glorious. She still looks great today imo. 

    Just a pity most of the photos posted have disappeared now.  SAD!! 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Bjornebye said:

    To be fair they beat us at Anfield and their keeper took out our best player for the season costing us a title challenge so as far as they are concerned it's been a fucking belter of a season. 

    And  injured another one of our best players for about a third of the season too. Their best season since Moyes got them to the CL qualifiers. 

  9. 32 minutes ago, Lee909 said:

    Jesus Christ 

    Phillips has done well but how can anyone watch him play and think he will be first choice. Imagine him trying to play the sort of high line that he will have to with Virg. Teams would just exploit that side of the field, he doesn't have the recovery pace at all. The away game in Madrid showed him against top level attackers. 


    He's done well but he isnt close to even the match day squad when everyone's fit. The only way he stays if if we either sell Matip and don't take up the option on Kabak. If he stays as 5th choice great, but realistically it's just another wasted year for a player that needs to play, he isn't a kid. 


    If we don't sign Kabak and let Matip go and he stays as the 4th option, fine. But we can't play the way they want to if he is a regular. He doesn't have the recovery pace to play 1 on 1 like Virg and Gomez do. The links with Konaté shows what Klopp wants in a CB. Big, good in the air and quick to play a really high line. Sell Matip and keep him, great. Bring him on late vs alehouse lump it teams like he does with Matip and save 80k a week on a player that's fit 4 months a year

    Good post Lee, but on the other hand.......



















































































    Screenshot_20210406-145338_Samsung Internet.jpg

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