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  1. KMD7

    Fuck me, it's the FA Cup Final tomorrow!

    Love the Clarke goal and Brian Moore's commentary for it ( I think it's Moore's anyway)
  2. KMD7

    Premier League Round Up (May 7-12 2021)

    He's a small time snidey goblin faced cunt.
  3. KMD7

    Where will we finish?

    I'll be more than happy to be proved wrong.
  4. If we somehow finish in the top 4 I'm picking Big Nat as my player of the season. Love the lad.
  5. KMD7

    Sadio Mane

    As bad as they are I'd rather watch them instead of the two who work at Sky.
  6. Still time for penalty to come on and get a hatrick
  7. It's absolute madness, but typical of that cunt
  8. Taylor to add half an hour injury time after injury time
  9. @Caramac any gif for the firmino chance mate please?
  10. Very quick check on that penalty shout by Manchester's Anthony Taylor