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  1. nedved11

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I just hate all the negativity this forum has drowned in IMO we had a very successful summer, Toure and mignolet were two shrewd pieces of business, and yes reina was shit, goalkeeping was not a secondary concern, it was a primary concern. We've got Aspas who looks very good and alberto who is obviously a player for the near future. We had a major signing which is keeping luis suarez who could've easily gone anywhere. Keeping him was not an easy task and he will not be here if it was not for the strong and firm position the management took. We have won almost every game in the preseason, 6 out of 6 pts. in the league, won first round in cup and we r playing the best football I've seen in ages So I fucking wonder where all this negativity comes from? It was a good summer and if we signed one or two more players it will be an excellent summer. There was a "positive" summer transfer thread around but I cannot find it anymore, I guess negativity rules these days
  2. nedved11

    Goodbye Downing...

    This is what I would remember him for After over a year of zero assists and goals, this is how he rewards the kop for their patience GET OUT OF HERE YOU SHITTY ASSHOLE
  3. nedved11

    Tonights game

    Nice touch from Assaidi too. his touch for gerrard also was class.
  4. nedved11

    Tonights game

    yeah. Lots of crosses came in from his side
  5. nedved11

    Gerrard's Testimonial Tickets

    I agree. he takes some vey good positions. It's very frustrating though. We are playing a very decent football I may add.
  6. nedved11

    Gerrard's Testimonial Tickets

    Aspas on fire !!!!
  7. nedved11

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I love the man already. His buying instincts are remarkable If he gets Downing though, he'd be my all time hero
  8. nedved11

    Simon Mignolet

    I am very optimistic about this deal .. Reina has been real shite for almost 3 years now .. been ok before that (definitely not the best in the league as some are suggesting here .. peter cech and van der sar were way better) on the other hand I have seen mignolet in a few games now, and he looks very good .. we need a change in that position , and I don't believe he's here to put a rocket in reina's ass. he's here to grab the position and make it his own
  9. nedved11

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    am I the only one who is looking for updates about mignolet signing? I think it will be one of the major signings this summer ... mainly because mmmm pepe is shit
  10. nedved11

    Andy Carroll, what does he do?

    call me a loon .. but i'd love to have big andy back
  11. nedved11

    Shelvey off in the summer?

    I don't know about this .. I think Shelvey is struggling with the reality that he is not good as he thinks he is. Once he gets over that, he will be fine. There is a quality player inside, but I think we need to be patient with him I wouldn't be pleased if he was sold
  12. nedved11


    Lucas was the difference tonight If we had him in the first leg we wouldn't be in this position in the first place Lovely player .. brilliant
  13. nedved11


    then he dives again, and a new cycle begins. i think what you are talking about here was already started to happen a few weeks ago, then he did that laughable dive and we were back to square one. nothing will work until he stops diving for real.
  14. nedved11

    Everton (A) matchthread

    i dont why some here are saying stevie played bad .. i think he had a very good game .. some of his touches were really classy especially the one in the middle of the field when he released shelvey not to mention the assests
  15. nedved11

    Everton (A) matchthread

    Joe Allen is a fucking lion ... not easy to stand up to a giant like Fellani like he did A fucking courages little guy