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    Home made curry

    Daal is the business. If ordering a takeaway I would always get a daal. Its usually made with yellow split peas. As Remmie says, though, it does take time to make but if you're having it as a side dish you will have enough left over to freeze for another time. Pretty sure the las ttime I made it I used a recipe from the BBC
  2. Champ

    Home made curry

    We did and it was very good, although it was hard for Mr C to admit after I told him where the recipe came from (he's a Tangerine). I have a recipe for Chicken Vindaloo that I have used for years which is very good but seemed more complicated than yours. Will be using this again
  3. Didnt think it was worth another thread but Sky have been pissing me off with the same stuff all this afternoon. They've made one of their 'Top Stories' about Capello's warning to Carroll about his behaviour but when they cut to the interview he says very little about Carroll directly and at one point denies he even said that he drinks too much. well, if you've got nothing to say, just make it up....
  4. Champ

    GF Restaurant Thread

    Ignore the philistines. Sounds like my kind of place
  5. Champ

    Home made curry

    Have just made your curry PR. Very straightforward. Rather than getting the food processor out..hate cleaning the thing...I added th e onion mixture to the tomatoes and used a hand blender and that worked fine. A couple of tweaks to the recipe...I added some salt. Dont use a lot in my cooking but find you get a more 'authentic' taste with adding some salt, maybe 1/2 - 1 teasp. And also some ginger. I bought a piece and then forgot to put it in at the 'garlic' stage so added 1/4 teasp ground ginger to the tomato sauce. Oh, and I didnt add the red chillies because it tasted surprisingly hot with just the one green chilli. As I say to my son, its not an exact science... Looks good. Just waiting to see how it tastes with rice, naan and M&S onion bhajis on the side............
  6. Champ

    Home made curry

    Inspired to have a go at PR's posted recipe. Accepting that shop bought naans come nowhere close to the real thing whose do you think make a reasonable replacement for a school night?
  7. Champ

    Your normal Breakfast

    Was it as grim as it sounds? If you cant do it properly, dont do it at all I say. Now, TP's breakfast sounded lurvely..although I'd pass on the cream
  8. I've never thought of crumpets as a savoury option, eg marmite. I want to give it a go but I'm not sure I can... Crumpet of choice..butter and golden syrup
  9. Champ

    International football today

    Bellamy looking very sharp....and moaning at everyone. What a guy
  10. Champ

    Sky's growing domination of ALL football

    They're like Citeh, just hoovering up everything in sight leaving you with little choice if you want to see games but to stamp up for it and endure all their nonsense. Playground bullies
  11. Champ


    So the question remains, will newcomers be able to catch up or is it lost cause?
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    So how long has it been running for? I've seen it being trailed for a few weeks now and fancied giving it a go but if its already been running is there any point?
  14. Champ

    Ipod car adapters

    Am looking for an adapter to connect ipods to the car audio system. I found this thread but given that the posts are 3 years old I was wondering what the current solution might be
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    You've not had my bramble jelly. Its fab
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    Home made raspberry
  17. Champ

    Disneyland Paris

    Bet you're really looking forward to it now............
  18. Champ

    Breakfast Cereal of Choice

    All tastes catered for on here.
  19. Champ

    England U21 Squad

    5th? Not following the game.
  20. Champ

    Disneyland Paris

    I wish I'd never written it too. It's been going round my head since I typed it. I hate to think what the effect of cannabis would be.....
  21. Champ

    Disneyland Paris

    I've been twice and had very different experiences on the 2 visits. There are so many variables with these things..... My first visit was probably my first trip as an adult to a theme park. I'm not really into these kind of things myself. We went for the day with my son when he was about 5ish. It was early September, not very warm and then it started to rain and didnt stop. It was grim and came away with the feeling that they were just trying to fleece you round every corner (and the It's a small world after all song going round inmy head for days afterwards.) The second time I went (dont know why I was going again after that first trip) we had number 2 by then. We went earlier in the summer, the weather was fantastic and we had a great time. I think I had probably chilled a bit more to these kind of things by then too. Again, we only went for the day and given the ages of the kids spent all day in the Disney bit and didnt get as far as Universal Studios but found more than enough to keep us occupied. I dont know how the size of the Universal Studios bit compares to the Disney bit but I'm thinking you probably couldnt get more than about 3 days out of the 2 combined??? I would definitely recommend SKI's advice to include a trip(s) to Paris. We went in on the train (I dont know why but I always like train trips when I'm in other countries) and that worked really well.
  22. Champ

    Applaud for Comolli and the owners

    When you see what has been achieved in less than a year it underlines just how badly the club had been managed (or not really) off the field previously. From top to bottom it now feels as if there are people in post who know what the task is and are capable of achieving success in the own spheres for the benefit of the club. While the experience of the last owners has left us all much more cynical and questioning I really do feel a great sense of anticipation and excitement for what can be achieved.
  23. Champ

    Summer 2011

    You haven't lived. It's hilarious. Reporters standing outside training grounds talking rubbish to fill the time...and you cant miss ol 'arry
  24. Champ

    Summer 2011

    You knew what you were doing..........
  25. Champ


    And where did this 'to be fair' come from? Fair to whom? Fuck off