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  1. Champ

    Enrque Signed?

    A hair cut and some new boots. Has anyone else noticed them? Don't know what they are but he runs like they're too heavy for him
  2. Champ

    Todays DM target briefing

    And you are not alone in your thoughts. When IBG turns up in a thread you just know there's only going to be one outcome...........
  3. I would have thought that was strange after just a few days of craving that amount of liquid. And you say you need to drink this much every day? Go and get it checked out. Make an appointment.Today
  4. Champ

    TLW membership

    Not just me then? Seems really 'sticky' when you first open the link to the site but seems to settle down after that. I hadn't noticed it as a problem until the past week or so.
  5. Champ

    Organ Donor, you in?

    Wasnt sure whether I was going to reply to this as it still has the power to make me feel quite emotional about the whole thing. My niece was born with a complex syndrome, the most significant feature being that her liver did not work properly. From an early stage it was apparent that things were seriously wrong as her liver began to fail. She was hospitalised near to home and later was moved to Birmingham Children's hospital where she and my sister lived for a number of months until she had her transplant and then recovered enough to allow her to return home. She was 9 months old when she had her transplant. We were told that the liver donor was a man. His liver was shared between my niece and another recipient. I cant imagine what life would be like if she had not survived. And however can you thank the donor and his family for giving permission for his organs to be used for the benefit of others after his death.
  6. Champ

    Shift work and Nights.

    For all my moaning about my night shifts shift work has really suited me and my family...no child care costs, kids being able to stay at home during school hols and not having to go to 'holiday clubs, not having to take time off from work when kids are sick, being around during the day to get chores done..the list goes on. There is currently a restructuring review going on at work with the expectation of staff cuts in my team and people being redeployed during day time hours. I'm dreading it. The only upside of working 'regular hours' that comes readily to mind is that I would no longer be at work when 'a certain interst of mine' is being played.....
  7. Champ

    Shift work and Nights.

    Was intending to post on here when I was doing my night shift last night but it was too busy and didnt get the chance. Before a night shift I will avoid certain threads, saving them up to gve them my full attention in the wee small hours. And like the contacts we have with other people at work during the night I do think there is a certain added connection with others posting or viewing at these times. Only do 1/2 a month but I hate them. Its not so much the night shift itself but the amount of time lost either side trying to get some sleep before and after or just feeling like shit until I manage to rejoin the time zone of the rest of those around me.
  8. Champ

    Wedding Reception Garb

    Let us know how it turns out...and if we were wrong then its new friends you need
  9. Champ

    Organ Donor, you in?

    My niece would have died if someone hadnt donated his liver for transplant after his death. Why wouldnt you want to give someone/others the chance to live?
  10. Champ

    Kid in pubs

    I'd call this a breakthrough, so I'm willing to give you another chance...
  11. Champ

    Kid in pubs

    Jon and IBG, just do us all a favour and just calm down a little bit. And I know you're not alone. There are a few too many angry posters on here a the moment. By all means debate with people but is there really any need to take offence so often with the effect that more and more threads degenerate into testosterone fuelled spats............
  12. Champ

    Wedding Reception Garb

    This. And smart shoes with jeans are just wrong
  13. Just seen it for the first time just now...and I certainly haven't clicked any links to 'that rag.' I feel violated.
  14. Champ

    Trio vs Club

    Have you had one recently? A shadow of thier former selves...Their attraction was the thickness of the chocolate around the biscuit but they've really cut back on the chocolate changing the whole experience..or have I just got older?
  15. Champ

    Summer 2011

    I think you're just being silly now
  16. Champ

    Summer 2011

    Are you as objectionable in real life? Everyone has the right to express their opinions on here without suffering the shit you've been dishing out. And can we put all this abuse aside and contribute to / debate the topic instead? Just a thought..........
  17. Champ

    The GF 'This place' thread

    One of the things that attracted me to this site was the relative lack of moderation which allows posters to vent their opinions as they 'feel' them but some of the abuse that is handed out, often on very little pretext, is unacceptable and a real 'turn off' when what I want to be reading is the debate generated by the thread itself. No?
  18. Champ

    Summer 2011

    I thought you were just having a go at someone for abusing you..mmmm????
  19. Champ

    Scraping margerine back in the tub.

    The relief.....that I am not alone
  20. Champ

    Scraping margerine back in the tub.

    Its got to be butter but the real crime is digging it out instead of scraping your knife evenly across the top.
  21. Thoughts, anybody? Have just seen on the official site the dates of release of tickets for home games next season up to Christmas. Am an amateur so have still to investigate how to post the link.... From a selfish point of view I am going to be away that week so will have to think about how I am going to apply in the first place but also seriously wonder how a system that has barely been able to cope with the volume of demand for single games will be able to cope with applications for eleven games at one go.
  22. Tried, without success, for nearly 4 hours yesterday morning so handed the baton to my son who got on in minutes...by which time the S'land game was sold out. We finally managed to get 3 tickets for Bolton and Norwich games..no tickets left in the Kop....when last season we got tickets for the games we wanted in the stands we wanted. Seriously hacked off by the whole thing. Planning to contact the club but have no expectation that anything will change as it clearly makes business sense to get all that revenue in the bank.
  23. Looks like the whole site's crashed now..Ooooo this is pissing me off..trying to do this under the shade of a tree in Turkey..battery on comp has gone down once already. NOT happy