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    The Foodie thread

    I would like a frying pan I can put in the oven. Any recommendations?
  2. I thought everything in the States came out of a tin. With extra cheese
  3. Champ


    There was a similarly named thread a little while back but it didnt feel the appropriate place for this post (if you do a search you'll see why!) I have toyed with posting on here about this on and off over the past few months but always decided against it until now...and even as I write this I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing. It is not about sympathy. I was diagnosed with depression a few months ago. This is my first experience of this illness and I wondered what experiences others might have/have had and what has and has not worked for them with the idea that these experiences might be helpful for others. In brief, depression crept up on me towards the end of the summer and was at its worst during August. I am so grateful to 'this place' for the distraction and company during that time when I hardly went out (except for when I went out on my bike...something, strangely, I managed to keep up) Things picked up a bit after that and in strange circumstances seemed to sort themselves out almost overnight at the beginning of October. In the weeks after that I thought I had put it behind me and then at the beginning of the month I began to feel it creeping back and this has escalated over the past week or so. I think I know some of the reasons for the onset of my depression in the first place but I cannot explain why I have had this second dip (a double dip depression I am describing it in my head) which only seems to add to the upset I feel. Like many others, when I first began to feel low I kept things to myself but in the end couldnt keep it in any longer and spoke to family and friends. I cant tell you how supportive they have been and how pleased they have been to see me getting better.......and now that I am feeling things falling apart again I just feel so awful admitting this to myself and to all those lovely people who have looked after me. I have seen my GP this week and I have started some antidepressant medication but I just wanted to hear if anyone else has had any similar experiences or any advice to offer me or others about what has/has not worked for them/people they know Thanks
  4. Champ

    The world of a woman.

    I was thinking more along the lines of blatant racism and Tory sympathy but I guess these things depend on the individual
  5. Champ

    The world of a woman.

    I was so horrified reading the ‘sleeps’ nonsense I didn’t even register the number. Is it me or is it them?
  6. Champ

    The world of a woman.

    I knew about that already! I’m talking deep character flaws
  7. Champ

    The world of a woman.

    Maybe. And more evidence in support of my belief that group chats often end up revealing things about people that you’d rather not have known
  8. Champ

    The world of a woman.

    I’m going away overnight next week with 3 friends, all perfectly smart and sensible women. So why has the group chat descended into ‘how many sleeps to go’ nonsense? Is it them or is it me? Bewildered of Edinburgh
  9. Champ


    I’m wondering if there’s a capacity issue to consider in such circumstances that might outweigh right to privacy
  10. Champ


    Great pics, Rich. It looks like one of those days where the weather maybe wasn’t ‘perfect’ but somehow you end up appreciating the breaks in the clouds all the more
  11. Puzzling at your son’s idea of dressing up looks like dressing down
  12. Champ

    Road Cycling

    Well, we got ourselves organised and did it https://tourotheborders.com/event-info and really enjoyed it. The weather was a lot cooler than we'd expected but apart from a short section it was dry and the sun came out just as we were finishing. Coffee and a Boost bar never tasted so good. In the past my downfall on these longer events has been running out of energy so I spent most of Saturday eating and it really paid off. We'd opted for the shorter course but I never felt like I was flagging at all and would quite happily have completed the longer course if I'd had to. My next challenge is to learn how to ride hills properly...
  13. Champ

    Long service.

    Invest in a mains supplied machine. Its on my list anyway
  14. Champ

    Shit things people do on their hols.

    I’m a sore disappointment
  15. Champ

    Shit things people do on their hols.

    To be honest I’m more excited about getting our garage sorted out with some decent shelving
  16. Champ

    Shit things people do on their hols.

    I love the sun and seeing other places; I just can’t be doing with the faff of deciding where to go, knowing once I’ve been there for a couple of days I’m ready to come home
  17. Champ

    Shit things people do on their hols.

    My name’s Champ and I’m shit at holidays too
  18. Champ

    Buffet Tribute Thread

    A table of brown food. Er, no thanks
  19. A site search threw up neko's Gardening thread but that's way to serious for me and I cant even dream to match his professional skills but I do love my garden. Maybe there are others out there who feel the same way or are just putting their toe in the water..... Anyway, we've had a good day today and I've been out continuing my Spring clear up but its really noticeable how far behind things are compared even to last year. I'm planning to replant the bottom of our garden and bulk out some of the other borders that are looking a bit lost at the moment. My veggies were a washout last year but if the weather brightens up in the next week or two I may put some of the more hardy things like courgettes and peas in and cross my fingers. And now I'm having a beer. What's anyone else up to?
  20. Champ


    I have recently become acquainted with the delights of gin and tonic. I have no idea what I should be buying or trying and scanning the supermarket shelves there is clearly a whole world of gin out there. Good people of the GF, where do I start?
  21. Champ


    Fur coat, nae knickers