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    Poor old Nuno, he did well with Wolves. Ironic that we didn’t get Ole sacked but they have got Nuno sacked! Funny old game.
  2. Ffs City’s goal ruled out by VAR and then we concede!
  3. suzy

    Other Football 2021/22

    Loved it! So pleased City are out and someone else gets a chance at this cup! Anyone know why we have to wait til Saturday for the draw?
  4. When Neville was trying to defend Ole on Sunday and he wouldn’t agree with Souness it was brilliant when Souness said ‘ok as a Liverpool fan I say carry on doing what you’re doing then’
  5. The way he fawns over Ferguson is hilarious. I wonder if he still leaves the manager’s car parking space for ‘the boss’
  6. suzy

    Paul Scholes - He Sucks Toes

    I really thought it was some troll account first time I saw this, I can’t get my head around it!
  7. Absolutely brilliant! I’ve had a good chuckle over this, Brownie that was hilarious!
  8. I thought it hilarious Micah Richards said keep Ole - he’s Citeh through and through it’s like us saying keep Ole there!
  9. Absolutely fucking brilliant! What a team we have.