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  1. Elysian Red


    Can you remember what it as called? Can’t find it.
  2. Elysian Red

    Cat Pics

    Got this wee fella last week
  3. Elysian Red

    Smart Watch / Fitness Band

  4. Elysian Red

    iPhone photos help

    You may possibly have used your iCloud account when setting up her phone. To check click on Settings, then click your your name at the top and see is that the case. If it is, sign out and set a new Apple ID up for your wife’s phone as she’ll have access to all your stuff. Like internet history.
  5. Elysian Red

    Best comedy sketch

    This is brilliant
  6. Elysian Red

    I am man: hear me roar!!!

    I make my own all grain beer. Here’s one I done around Christmas, was 6% ABV. Close up of the label I made for it. Here’s the last one I done, a Citra IPA
  7. Hops are related to the cannabis plant, but this is usually down to sunlight exposure through the green bottles reacting with the hops. I get it from Becks and Grolsch so don’t bother with them