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  1. Deserved, but another sign of how difficult FSG are finding securing sponsorship for the stands.
  2. We were not very good.. Delighted we have now appointed Peter Moores from EA, Hopefully he will know the cheat mode to make these miserable bastards into world-beaters.
  3. There may be the opportunity to shuffle the pack as you suggest in your first four paras. I am suggesting that a new ARE offers the opportunity to provide further disabled provision, as no confirmation of exact build, or capacity, has been offered. You imply that a third tier will simply be "bolted on". Maybe that is what they might do - but I would be astonished if that cost £60m.
  4. If the centenary is not being expanded, how can the provision of extra bays not result in lost seating capacity there? If the ARE were imminent, surely the extra disabled provision could be provided there with no need for loss of seating/re-profiling?
  5. Okay, so disabled seats increase by 150, we lose 1000 in the Centenary lower, but gain 450 seats in the Kop. a loss of 400 places. http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/stadium-expansion/252663-lfc-confirms-stadium-accessibility-plans-for-2017-18-season It doesn't look like the ARE is going to be done any time soon.
  6. Two showings, the first on MOTD, the second on Crimewatch
  7. We won. So they are not shit anymore. Obviously.
  8. £19 to watch the City game on TV in the Main Stand Lounge, https://hospitality.liverpoolfc.com/away-match-screening-manchester-city-v-liverpool-fc
  9. Neither here nor there set against boxes sold and TV revenues.
  10. Our net transfer spend over the past three seasons is £73m, fifth highest behind Man City, Man U, Arsenal and West Ham. http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Liverpool?updated-max=2016-11-22T07:17:00%2B01:00&max-results=20&start=1&by-date=false
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