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  1. Try running a programme called DPC latency checker & see if there are any spikes, could be a driver issue that doesn't occur then using hudl
  2. Mother in law phoned me up to ask why Suarez was playing for Uruguay as " he plays for Liverpool with Gerrard " I tried to explain he's from Uruguay, but she was having none of it "He lives in England why isn't he playing for England" She's a bit thick, a manc and resembles Jimmy Krankie, so I can't say i'm surprised.
  3. md1892

    Canon B200 Printer Error

    don't know about your error but i have a cannon printer and get all the inks from inkcredible got four full sets for half the price of one set from pc world, well cheap .
  4. md1892

    Leeds types and Derby people. Comedy tip.

    I will be going mind you...
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    Funny GIFs - NSFW

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  6. I want a gaming laptop though, otherwise I would build as I have with every desktop since 1998 !