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  1. 13 hours ago, Barrington Womble said:

    I don't let her dictate, hence why she moans. As I say, the it's the same with you "don't post speculation on the speculation thread because I don't like it, they're all rags". On the fucking rag more like it. 

    I don't recall requesting folks stop posting speculation, I'd be grateful if you could point out an example to me.  And as for being on the rag, it isn't me who gets bent out of shape by FSG.  I see you've wound your neck in somewhat with the FSG ranting since Scott M told you the same thing very recently, so I supposed some credit is due.  Not fucking much though.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Daisy said:

    You sure do come across as an angry little man. Well whenever someone criticises FSG anyway. 


    That's quite surprising after the last year. There are further reports this morning that they have no intention of recruiting any attacking players at all this summer. 


    Guessing you are amused at that too? 


    I am completely ambivalent about it.  And I'm the same way about FSG.

    You want me to get upset about speculation, bullshit rumours posted in papers desperate for clicks or sales ?

    Not my scene.  I leave the hand wringing to you.

    If you want to base your mood for the day on shite rumours you read about the club, that's down to you.

    More fool you for lapping it up.

  3. 1 minute ago, Barrington Womble said:

    Here's a message for you as you clearly seem to be fuming. This thread will be full of lots of speculation. Some of it will say "there'll be no more players coming in". Some will link us with mbappe, haaland and kane. Some people may post things that are more attuned with their expectations of the summer. Some people will only post wild mental speculation that seems fun to imagine to them. Some people will post just anything they trip upon, this is where you put speculation. But if they're all rags in your opinion, you may find your blood pressure will have a greater level of normality if you stay clear of this thread. Because of course I expect you to be as angry at the next mbappe story in a "rag". 

    I'm not sure how you see me as fuming or angry.  I'm sitting here amused at it all.  I'm not even surprised that you leapt to his defence considering your own recent anti FSG tirade. 

  4. Just now, Barrington Womble said:

    It's just a story. I put loads from the echo on here, including the shite they say like "real Madrid open the door to LFC move for mbappe". It's a fucking transfer speculation thread, which is why it's thousands of posts long and not just 3 posts saying "spiffing, the paper of record has declared Konate is now an LFC player, but it's behind a paywall".


    It seems to me you're issue is because the echo are saying something potentially negative, hence your "rag" comment, which I would prefer was saved for one specific paper. 

    They're all rags to me, they all print shite to stay alive.

    It's down to the context, and it's clear how this twat uses that context when he posts. 

    And as for my issue - what issue ?  Calling out a twat for being a twat isn't an issue to me.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Barrington Womble said:

    This is a transfer speculation thread, it doesn't seem extreme to post reports from the local paper. 

    Depends on who it's from and what they're trying to achieve.

    Do you seriously think this clart is simply trying to be informative knowing his anti FSG stance ?

    Or are you sympathetic to his rantings ?

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Daisy said:

    It's clear you get very angry when the owners are shown up to be utter cunts. Weird

    Again it shows your mentality if you think it makes me angry.  It's really quite simple, you're an absolute twat and at times I like to highlight that fact.  You must spend your days trawling the 'net for stuff to be negative about on here.

    Tell us the one about Salah being a shit Chelsea reject again, that's always good for a crack.

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  7. A permanent yellowish cloud over the BlooShack at the moment.  The steam off record levels of boiled piss. 

    The response on GOT is fascinating stuff.

    Part of me wants it to be true just to see their reaction if and when it's announced formally, the other side of me doesn't want to see the man exposed to the inevitable bile (although he'll be amply compensated £ wise and seems to be pretty thick skinned), and there's always the risk that he'll stabilise and improve them.  I like them being shit, it all just seems right.

    This is the man who helped Djimi Traore get a Champions League winners medal after all, which was some feat.

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  8. Just now, Lee909 said:


    Haven't seen him for a good few years. He was based in Northampton offices and just covered here but he'd be retired now. 


    Told me the story of going top Wembley for the famous Scottish win and meeting a mate on the bus coming home,who had the penalty spot they'd somehow dug up and nicked

    Hahahhahaaha, I knew a few guys who went to that game and came home with all sorts of bits they claimed were from Wembley.  Drinking whisky for breakfast with cans to wash them down on the day of a match.  Absolute fucking headbangers.

    I know one Norrie family, but don't know if they're Scottish.

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  9. Just now, Lee909 said:

    Keep a eye out for Jim then, he will be buying boxes of them. 

    Massive Rangers fan, only problem was never being able to get him to keep it down a bit. 


    Funny my Grandad nearly moved the family there in the 70s for work

    That's how we got here in '66.  British Steel, the great Scottish exodus.

    I'd ask for Jim's surname, but there's plenty of them here !  Including my own late father and son........

  10. 1 hour ago, Lee909 said:

    Now if we are talking Irn Bru, Lorne sausage and Haggis dont forget 




    Scotch pies !  I was actually looking at Tesco's version the other day.

    I was having a company vehicle repaired in Rugby years ago and one of the guys at the repair shop recognised my accent.  He begged me to go and buy half a dozen of those pies and a big bag of Scotch rolls as he just couldn't get them.  So when I went back to get my vehicle a week later I took two big bags stuffed full of the stuff and he was over the moon.  Said he'd been drooling all morning waiting for me coming over.  The mad thing is, he was Irish !

  11. 41 minutes ago, Tony Moanero said:

    I dunno. I could just go a Haggis taco, some cheese & onion Tayto crisps and a can of Irn Bru.

    Sounds like a local delicacy to me.  Tayto crisps I believe are still made here and apparently we consume more Irn Bru in this town in a week than the rest of the county put together !

    Dinnae forget yer square sausage laddie !

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  12. 22 hours ago, Daisy said:

     It feels like are getting dumber every year. 



    Clear evidence that at least one of us is.


    Totally agree on VAR.  The principal itself is sound, it works in other sports.  But other sports have discovered that if you employ people who are competent you get the correct result, football in this country has proved that they simply can't do that.  Dock wallopers employing more dock wallopers.

    Get it to fuck and start letting people enjoy goals and the game in general again.

  13. windymiller


    Player Valuation: £30m
    I'd have Gerrard, he's a winner, not really follow scottish football much, but he's done a good job there. Gerrard to me is a better shout than who we are linked with at mo
    Two different approaches, both equally transparent.



    Their delusion is off the scale.  2 chances of Stevie G managing those bitter twats - fuck all and even less.

    Comical reading though, despite being accurate.

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  14. 1 minute ago, an tha said:

    It is all a defence mechanism to try and cope with living in our shadow.


    They have to live with us bearing the name of the city, being one of the most succesful clubs in the world, dominating them year after year and being internationally renowned all whilst they are just dead mediocre - averaging finishing position since 2000 of 9th and won fuck for 26 years ...it fucking kills them, so they come out with all the shite they do try and mask their pain.


    It gets worse every passing year and they resort to more and more of it and it gets more ridiculous as the pain gets worse and goes on longer.






    This in full.  I saw that twat Colin Rice on Twitter the other night trying to deride Klopp's record with us.  Something about only winning one or two trophies in 6 years.  "6 years but".

    Complete fucking fruit loop.

    Look at what we've spent compared to they have and we've won everything worth winning in less than 2 years.

    The green eyed monster hard at work for sure.