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  1. Klopp likes Werner, he's already tried to get him here once.

    If Klopp thinks Werner has the minerals to become a beast that's good enough for me.

    A similar vein of things were said about Mane before he signed and he hasn't exactly disappointed.

    And Robertson, and Wijnaldum.  They all had question marks against them in one way or another and they've all completely blown that guff out of the water.

    Factor in that the likely price fits into FSG's strategy of buying potential relatively cheaply and letting Klopp turn them into world beaters whose value explodes, and talk of him rocking up here in the summer becomes more plausible.

    I think there's more mileage in the Werner story than Sancho or Mbappe simply because of the finances involved.  The latter 2 are stupid money, not really FSG's style.


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  2. Now we'll see if UEFA have real balls.  City are going to appeal and apparently have a small army of lawyers ready to go to town on UEFA.  UEFA need to make a firm stand and not buckle here, they have to be seen to be enforcing rules they put in place.  It would be hilarious if UEFA actually rejected the appeal and upped the sentence just to show City who the real power belongs to.  Baldiola is done there now, he knows he's fucked without having a massive chequebook to wave around.  If UEFA stick to their guns then they'll have cut City off at the knees, leaving us to dominate for the forseeable future.

    This winter break hasn't been all bad then !

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  3. His quality when we had the ball was irrefutable.  When we didn't have the ball though he wasn't anywhere near as effective as a Klopp midfielder needs to be, and he doesn't seem to have improved on that aspect.

    Great player to have when you're on top and can muller the opposition, less so when the opposition have a sustained go back at us.  That's where guys like Henderson and Gini are worth their weight in gold.  Like a sheet of red blotting paper at times, they just seem to absorb opposition attacks.

  4. 15 hours ago, Creator Supreme said:

    Wow 5 negs! Ah well if you think it's normal standing fully clothed in a swimming pool and then partially drowning someone to please a non-existent deity, then you go right ahead!

    Make that 6.  Seeing some of the negative shite you've posted on here I find it hilarious that you question Alisson's normality.  Kettle, pot and all that.

  5. 1 hour ago, Grinch said:


    He needs to go for sure but Matip is too injury prone and Gonez desperately needs to prove he can stay fit before we could rely on three centre backs.    We've run into trouble with four as it is. 

    If trouble is winning 2 trophies already this season and being runaway unbeaten multiple record breaking leaders in the Premier League as well as still in the FA Cup and Champions League then I'm all for a spot of that kind of bother.

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  6. 57 minutes ago, liverpoolsno9 said:

    There’s a 19 page thread on Got with a poll, about whether should they give us a guard of honour at the The Shed. It’s like a contest to see who can be the bitterest cunt. Inside the mind of a Blue...........................there’s some right cunts on there.
    This would spoil the day entirely for me though. League Champions and then Usmanov news, total party pooper that would be. They always get one up on us, the Liver Birds, Stadium news, being richer whilst we go about actually winning stuff



    On the morning of the game announce that Usmanov is getting involved in Everton and he is prepared to spend until Everton are top of the tree again.
    I think that might spoil the day for a few.




    A few thousands Bloos maybe when they eventually run bankrupt.  Money hasn't really been the issue with those stupid cunts, it's how they use it that's been the issue.  And announcing it on the morning of the game, is that as a counterbalance to the inevitable twatting we'll dish out to them ?

  7. As long as his physical side doesn't drop off Klopp will want him to stay.  He does the dirty work on the pitch a lot of which isn't noticed - except by Klopp.  How the fuck he can have 2 or 3 opposition players hanging onto him and still turn them and keep the ball amazes me every time I see it.  Such an intelligent player, he grasps Klopp's philosophy fully.

    I hope the club double his wages to stave off any competitors waving big bucks at him.

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  8. 37 minutes ago, Anubis said:

    Very disappointed no mention of how anonymous that Cummings twat was.

    "Cumdog" as he likes to be known.  Fucking yard dog more like, Jones's shadow had more presence than that pathetic cunt.

    I've wanted to win the FA Cup from the off, always have and always will.  It would be a massive nod to the youngsters who got us through (and shamed the Blooshite into the bargain) if we won it this season.  And have every one of them there for the final, give them a day to remember.  They've fucking earned it, the hard way too.

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  9. His maiden first team goal was an absolute peach that put Everton out of the FA Cup.

    It doesn't get a whole lot better than that for a lad his age, and his displays hint at a deep well of ability and confidence that few players that age possess or can produce on the big stage.

    The lad could be very special, he needs game time with the big boys to get anywhere near that standard though.

  10. 5 hours ago, cloggypop said:

    Saw a documentary on Dutch telly about him before. Not only is his brother Muriel a decent goalkeeper but so was his dad and even his ma played in goal. 


    The next programme on after that was Simon Mignolet playing live for Brugge which is just a bit arlarse really. 

    His quality is undoubted but I wonder what the fuck his parents were at with the names they chose for their boys.  I presume his brother is of a similar physical stature ?

  11. 3 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    I think Hansen still is. 3/4 more years here and he will be. 

    Pretty much.  Although the big difference between the two is that Jocky wasn't a fan of the physically heavy stuff.  In Troy Deeney's words Van Dijk "loves a fight".  He has the fucking lot, but he needs to do it over a period of 3-4 years to be talked about in the same light as Hansen.