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  1. scudger99

    Roberto Firmino

    A very special player. 6 minutes of pleasure watching this.
  2. scudger99

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If it's that shit, why aren't they higher in the table ? It puts them into perspective that we put out a bunch of kids that beat them.
  3. scudger99

    Alisson Becker

    Make that 6. Seeing some of the negative shite you've posted on here I find it hilarious that you question Alisson's normality. Kettle, pot and all that.
  4. scudger99

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    If trouble is winning 2 trophies already this season and being runaway unbeaten multiple record breaking leaders in the Premier League as well as still in the FA Cup and Champions League then I'm all for a spot of that kind of bother.
  5. scudger99

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    A few thousands Bloos maybe when they eventually run bankrupt. Money hasn't really been the issue with those stupid cunts, it's how they use it that's been the issue. And announcing it on the morning of the game, is that as a counterbalance to the inevitable twatting we'll dish out to them ?
  6. scudger99

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    As long as his physical side doesn't drop off Klopp will want him to stay. He does the dirty work on the pitch a lot of which isn't noticed - except by Klopp. How the fuck he can have 2 or 3 opposition players hanging onto him and still turn them and keep the ball amazes me every time I see it. Such an intelligent player, he grasps Klopp's philosophy fully. I hope the club double his wages to stave off any competitors waving big bucks at him.
  7. scudger99

    Liverpool 1 Shrewsbury Town 0 (Feb 4 2020)

    "Cumdog" as he likes to be known. Fucking yard dog more like, Jones's shadow had more presence than that pathetic cunt. I've wanted to win the FA Cup from the off, always have and always will. It would be a massive nod to the youngsters who got us through (and shamed the Blooshite into the bargain) if we won it this season. And have every one of them there for the final, give them a day to remember. They've fucking earned it, the hard way too.
  8. scudger99

    Curtis Jones - What are you?

    His maiden first team goal was an absolute peach that put Everton out of the FA Cup. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that for a lad his age, and his displays hint at a deep well of ability and confidence that few players that age possess or can produce on the big stage. The lad could be very special, he needs game time with the big boys to get anywhere near that standard though.
  9. scudger99

    What Do We Do Now?

    Enjoy another post VAR fume and watch the piss boil.
  10. scudger99

    Shrewsbury (H) FA Cup - 4/2/2020 - 19:45

    The treble is done, the quadruple is still on. Plus the CL.......
  11. scudger99

    Did Trent mean that pass to Firmino?

    This lad is so fucking good he could easily have meant it and thought nothing of it. What matters the most is the Hendo finished it and made us relatively comfortable.
  12. scudger99

    Liverpool 4 Southampton 0 (Feb 1 2020)

    That disallowed goal is part of the 10 mins highlight reel on the Offal. Heartbreaking that it was a bawhair offside, it would have been classed as one of Anfield's greatest for sure.
  13. scudger99

    Alisson Becker

    Did he have the same power beard ?
  14. scudger99

    Alisson Becker

    His quality is undoubted but I wonder what the fuck his parents were at with the names they chose for their boys. I presume his brother is of a similar physical stature ?
  15. scudger99

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I've just checked - spot on. Fucking hell fam.
  16. scudger99

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Pretty much. Although the big difference between the two is that Jocky wasn't a fan of the physically heavy stuff. In Troy Deeney's words Van Dijk "loves a fight". He has the fucking lot, but he needs to do it over a period of 3-4 years to be talked about in the same light as Hansen.
  17. scudger99

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Sterling with "balance issues" again. Horizontal fucking twat.
  18. scudger99

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Or Mbappe.
  19. scudger99

    West Ham 0 Liverpool 2 (Jan 29 2020)

    Won't it be a quadruple if we win the FA Cup ? If not, which one doesn't count ? And if we win the FA Cup, who do we play in the Charity Shield next season ? That's up there with your best ever reports Dave, and you've got Moyles nailed. Thankfully there are no circumstances remotely physically possible for that sadsack to end up here. About as much chance of that as us not winning that title in fact.
  20. scudger99

    Reintroducing animals to the UK

    Adam Johnson and Graham Rix approve.
  21. scudger99

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    I read an interview with Klopp that said that the players had been given their daily fitness routines and were expected to adhere to them, so it's not as if they've got a week to lie farting in bed.
  22. scudger99

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    "Free fuckin gratis for all cocksuckers".
  23. scudger99

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    So you've got a lot of time for them then.
  24. scudger99

    Wolves 1 Liverpool 2 (Jan 23 2020)

    Yep - 2019/20 Premiership Champions : Liverpool