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  1. Ranxerox

    Worst possible way too die?

  2. Ranxerox

    Nathaniel Phillips

    I think it's really hard to predict what sort of performance we can expect from VVD and Gomez, especially in regards to pace and quickness. Gomez in particular as pace was by far his best quality and bailed him out more than once when he had trouble with the aerial part of his game. Not sure he can count on that anymore.
  3. Ranxerox

    The Bob Dylan appreciation thread

    Always loved Brownsville Girl.
  4. Well done, the winning mentality is back from wherever the fuck it went. Outstanding run in and they all deserve credit.
  5. Ranxerox

    Nathaniel Phillips

    He may as well come out and admit he actually likes the headgear and is just looking for an excuse to wear it.
  6. Ranxerox

    Israel - A Rant

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/23/israel-apartheid-boycotts-sanctions-south-africa Interesting read.
  7. Ranxerox

    Israel - A Rant

    You know you're losing the PR fight when you're wasting your time and energy going after celebrities.
  8. Ranxerox

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    I suspect a few on here could make a decent punchline out of "Highlander with two pistols"
  9. Ranxerox

    Israel - A Rant

    Very revealing.
  10. Ranxerox

    Israel - A Rant

    Actually that is not the impression I get from either side. Rather the fear is exhibited by the Israeli's. On the left the fear is the world is turning their back on them because of the oppressive policies of the Netanyahu government. On the right the fear is the world is turning their back on them because of antisemitism. One thing that unites Israeli's is fear of the future, so spending their entire history trying to get people to fear them has been somewhat counterproductive.
  11. Ranxerox

    Israel - A Rant

    Interesting reading Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post today. Both have some op-ed stuff bemoaning the lack of support for Israel particularly in the West. Haaretz frames it as a warning that Israel is losing the PR battle and needs to be careful of the consequences whereas the Post essentially PR is pointless because Israel's critics are all antisemitic.
  12. Ranxerox

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    The currency question is the without a doubt the biggest obstacle. I saw one poll where only 18% of Scots would accept adoption of the Euro. I've come across a number of articles and analysis about potential EU membership and the consensus is that Scotland would be admitted after a period of 3-8 years following independence, almost all however placed a high importance on Scotland adopting the Euro. Fear of what would happen with currency has always been a major stumbling block for the Quebec independence advocates here. After all most us can get pretty damn sensitive about our stash. I don't think independence will happen, but with Johnson in charge there is always the possibility of him mucking it up.
  13. Ranxerox


    Even after restrictions are lifted I definitely plan to keep wearing a mask in certain situations as well as social distancing whenever possible. I haven't had so much as a case of the sniffles since the shit hit the fan and I quite enjoyed it. Besides I'm somewhat antisocial and have gotten quite comfortable being able to discreetly mutter under my mask whatever prickish thought pop into my ornery melon.
  14. Ranxerox

    Israel - A Rant

    Netanyahu must have obtained promises of support to remain PM.