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    Would you have Rafa back?

    your just a illiterate son of a bitch who has no clue what he is talking about...fcukin idiot
  2. zackop10

    Would you have Rafa back?

    the liverpool way is full of fuckin wankers that cannot appreciate the success rafa brought, wat a bunch of fuckin embiciles, who probably suck their own dcik and better still hodgsons... idiots
  3. zackop10


    jovanovich has not had a chance to be really judged, so all rafa haters fcuk off, even messi will look clueless with fcukin hodge podge
  4. zackop10

    Rafa will be sacked after world club champs

    rafa was the best thing that could have happened to this club, a genius that bought us some pride and prestige back , but the morons amongst us do not appreciate or recognise his achievements makes me fcukin sick
  5. zackop10

    Rafa will be sacked after world club champs

    This forum has some of the worlds most deluded fans of our club, unless it is full of mancs, and bitters, clueless idiots,
  6. zackop10

    Rawk down?

    I think RAWK is by far the most popular forum with the most members, i might be wrong,
  7. zackop10

    Rafa Benitez may be available on Monday.

    moderators, why does my comments not get posted, but only seen when I am logged in ?? please answer..
  8. zackop10

    Rafa Benitez may be available on Monday.

    The only thing i can think of, is that this thread and the liverpool way forum is full of coq suckers of gerrard and carragher, while some are getting up the shit hole from purslow... what a bunch of wankers post here no wonder it is the shitiest forum connected with liverpool... no need to ban me, i will not be returning, the shit that comes out of my ass is better than the quality of opinion that is posted here...
  9. zackop10

    Johnny Barnes

    I cant believe barnes stayed to be a pundit, rather than be at the hospital, i think it potrays him rather negatively and somewaht desperate to have a chance with sky, i am sure he was skint, but that was pretty embarassing... but always he will be a legend as a footballer, but as a husband, and father that was not good, not to mention opinions formed in the country on him because of that,,,with keys and redknapp rubbing it in even more... i am embarrased on barnesy's behalf it's cringeworthy stuff... not good
  10. zackop10

    Rafa went after 1 season of failure?

    we should give hodgson an extension for the marvelous work he has done, rafa is not fit enough to lace his boots, who needs the champions league when we have the europa, who needs the top 4, when the bottom 6 will do, in roy i fully trust , and continue that support even in the blue square premier, the man should get a statue next to shankly as a reward for his genius.
  11. really dissapointed with some of NESV comments today, first the 39th game, if it happens, it happens why talk about it, and secondly John Henry saying the team inherited is not roy to blamed, the team inherited is a very good one that underperformed, that is the responsibility of hodgson, also spaeking about hodgson and the long term that is bullshit... After all the battles for the last 3 years, we have owners who simply do not have a lue about football and it seems they are more concerned about the medai than anything else... Hodgson is not the way and never was, have they not checked his CV... I think we may have another battle soon...NESV need to learn and need to learn fast... judging by Henry's comments about the team inherited he has undermined the players at the club..which is as worse as hodgson's comments ...not good for moral, not good at all...they have fucked up
  12. zackop10

    London Reds?

    mate no specific pub, but wherever you are living the nearest pub will have a large contingent of reds there its guaranteed, and it will be a diversed and cosmopolitan crowd, from asians/arabs,african,carribean,oriental,scandinavian, eastern europeans, russians, spanish, you will be in good company and amongst friends....
  13. lol, your a funny dude, i think you are actualy a manc or a blue undercover, also if rafa was to come back would you quit supporting the club if you actually are a red in the first place ? if that is the case then we should start the pitch for rafa right now, but what i can guarantee you is by the time this season ends the momentum for rafa coming back will only increase, he is bound to win the italian league even though it's tougher this year, he will win the world club championship in december, and QF/SF guaranteed in the champions league and with little luck he probably will be at wembley... so that could be our ex manager winning 3-4 trophies at a stable club with zero spend so far and his entire midfield injured for most games this season... also ant if rafa makes it to wembley which i think he will then you can bet there will be a large contingent of fans that will be going, and if he wins the big ears then these forums will move into overdrive and john henry will be listening... but i fear there could be a spanner in the works regarding rafa coming back to england, it could be at man city when mancini is gone and he is on thin ice right now it could be possible rafa back at epl next season .
  14. The inter president did make a comment on rafa yesterday, he said there is no difference between mourinho and rafa, infact rafa is different he not only thinks about today but also tommorrow. thats what a footballing man and a president/chief executive sounds like when he has some footballing knowledge.
  15. i think roy hodgson and our ex players, get away with the shit they preach because rafa is not a native english speaker, and also he has immersed himself to much in the old liverpool way, which has not existed for the last 10-15 years, and is as far away now as it ever has been, and rick parry, david moores, and the ex players are to be blamed it disappeared long time before rafa arrived, infact rafa brought some of it back through his dignity and respect for the club, and he is still upholding it with class, there is no doubt about it, shankly would have loved him, because he would have seen himself in him, and those that use the liverpool way in forums such as this to attack rafa and fans calling for hodgsons head are only using it for self interest and self purpose, the liverpool way does not exist and if it is being a hypocrite like many here and other threads then I am totally against the liverpool way and a reform needs to take place to take it back to what it was originally. Also regarding me I have been a lurker of all the forums for god knows how many years now but never active until recently and the reason behind it i could not accept that we have fans amongst us that are totally intellectually handicapped with not even a remote bit of inteligence to realise that the man who has gone is a trillion times upgrade on the current "caretaker" not just as a manger of this club but also as a man, and a human being , rafa is unique, he is special, he is a fuckin scouser born in madrid, the man and the manager is what this club needs, he not only fights for the club, the fans, the players, he also fights for the city of liverpool,... Roy hodgson is not my manger of my club the sooner he goes the better it is we are the laughing stock of the league and in europe because of his limited ability and his inteligence, i do not wish ill on him but hodgson is a man who practices"the dark art" who thinks he can get away with it because he is over 60 and english, well he can fuck off, if i was rafa i would have raped him more venomously with my choice of words, hoidgson has got of lightely, he should do the honourable thing and resign.