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  1. 1 hour ago, Section_31 said:

    Is that when he tweeted that john Lennon airport was the worst he'd ever been to or something? Always wondered what had gone down.

    It was July last year and he played the O2 academy. He also wandered into the Cavern in the afternoon and apparently played a few Beatles covers .  I recall something about him getting really pissed about airport security on the way out

  2. 2 hours ago, Captain Turdseye said:

    Apparently they want a 19 year old right back from Norwich as an alternative to Wan-Bissaka. 


    This noble endeavour of shifting their transfer policy towards only buying young British players is a sight to behold. Well done Man United. Long may it continue. 

    Their famed youth system that Slur dined out on for 20 odd years seems to have failed

  3. 12 hours ago, AngryofTuebrook said:

    Labour - or any party - can have any policy they want if they're resigned to not getting a General Election; what the Opposition wants is only slightly relevant; you've got to get into government before you can determine the country's foreign policy. 


    If Labour were to force a GE and win it, the policy (as I understand it) is to try to negotiate a Brexit that minimises the damage that comes with any form of Brexit; they are then open to a second referendum - Labour’s deal or Remain - at that time  (but it makes no sense to commit to a second referendum right now;  let's see how the land lies when and if the time comes.)


    As long as Labour is in Opposition, all they can really do is keep thwarting No Deal and any ruinous Tory Brexit.  So far, so good.

    Normally I would agree but these are not normal times.  Has been obvious to me for over a year that Labour will inexorably become a Remain party and have to fall in a with a second referendum because they won't get another GE and any deal the Tories cobble together will be be completely unacceptable . The shadow cabinet meeting today will quite likely bring the party a step closer to that position. After all it's the least worse solution to the mess.


    It makes every sense to commit to that now and imo should have been done. The Euro election and Local election debacles would not have happened and millions of votes that went to the Lib Dems could have been avoided. 

  4. 1 hour ago, mattyq said:

    Or if he gets a GE what's in the Lab manifesto? Referendum or take May's deal?

    Who knows , which is the problem.  I hear that in tomorrow's shadow cabinet meeting JC will get close to swinging behind a second vote under all circumstances .  I expect Labour will inevitably become the Remain party like it or not; their current fudged position is as clear as mud despite what Corbyn keeps repeating. 

  5. Good old Honest Nige  ..



    Nigel Farage's Brexit Party has been told to check all £2.5 million donated to it to ensure it hasn't accepted cash from foreign donors.

    The Party will be required to satisfy itself that every single £25 'supporter' fee was not from an impermissible source.

    If they can't, they'll have to either return it to the donor or hand it over to the Treasury.

    The Electoral Commission last week confirmed the party’s online payment system put them at ‘high and ongoing risk’ of allowing overseas cash to be donated.

    It came after a Mirror investigation found loopholes on the party’s website which could allow foreign money to pour into the party without being traceable.

    And Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee today published the full details of their investigation and recommendations made to the party.


    The first recommendation, marked "High Risk – to be implemented as soon as possible", is to review all payments, including those of £500 or below, to ensure all of it is from permissible donors.

    If the party has accepted such donations, they must be returned and reported to the Electoral Commission.


  6. 17 hours ago, Boss said:


    I'd say the vast majority of the people interviewed in the aftermath of the referendum (that were open about voting leave) used either sovereignty or immigration as the principle reason for doing so. It's impossible to control immigration within the single market because it's prerequisite is free movement of people. It's impossible to have full control over our laws when our tariffs and regulations (for all kinds of things) are decided by the EU. This is just common sense.


    So whether they connected the dots or not is irrelevant. They voted for what would now be deemed a hard Brexit. 

    It's not irrelevant. Outcomes were clear on Remain and far from it for those voting leave which 3 years on we need to have a second referendum.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Boss said:


    Yes it was.


    Control over immigration = Must leave single market

    Sovereignty and control of our own laws = Must leave Customs Union

    And do you think 17 million joined those dots ?  Hardly given all the main leave players said the EU needs us more than we them and they would give us a great deal. Don't get me started on what some lying cunts pasted on a bus.

  8. Corbyn's policy as I see it is to seek a GE but if that fails go for a second public vote on any deal. 

    Lets assume the Tories hang on then what happens if there is no deal on the table come October ? Do we crash out , support a second in/out referendum or does he propose revoking A50 ? It's just not credible clear or coherent once you accept he isn't going get his GE due to arithmetic on any no confidence motion.

  9. Iv'e stated my view on numerous occasions. Leaving aside the the fact that the first referendum was advisory and the protocol called for a confirmatory vote, the dodgy funding and the evidence of Russian interference which has never been properly investigated then 3 years on it's unsafe to pretend the first result should be sacrosanct and people should not have a chance to reconsider. 

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  10. 39 minutes ago, Anubis said:

    Brilliant moment in the debate where he answered looking directly down the camera...  ...and looked like a small vole fatalistically looking at the eagle coming for him, claws extended.

    Couldn't bear to watch it.  Should have given them machetes and last man standing gets to take on Boris in the final.