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  1. During a trip round the world I spent time in Australia canvassing for Greenpeace. One evening I had a properly upset stomach & as I walked up the path of this massive house I knew I had v little time before my arse would unleash hell. I could hear people in the house, they were upstairs. I twatted on the door in a desperate fashion, I was ready to beg to use their toilet. But they were making such a racket they never heard me & I knew I had a matter of seconds. I pushed the door open so I could shout upstairs 'anyone home' & as I did I spied a bathroom at the end of the hall. 'Fuck it' I thought & went for it. I locked the door behind me, did the deed as fast as possible but opted not to flush & tip-toed out

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  2. I've gone to bed & am reading, the wife's in the kitchen, fussing around. I can hear her by the front door. She shouts thru to me, have you locked up? So instead of simply extending her hand & checking the thing herself, she'd rather bawl at me from the other end of the house! Just check it yourself FFS

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