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  1. Scottish Steve

    Shefki Kuqi

    Hamilton Ricard? He was shite and Kuqi looks like a fat John Collins
  2. Scottish Steve

    David Villa reckons...

    Manipulating Pepe? What, the same Pepe that stuck a Barca shirt on Fabregas?
  3. Scottish Steve

    Stoke (h) Match Thread

    Even if Torres stays, fuck him off, give Suarez his number 9 shirt and start him up front.
  4. Scottish Steve

    Torres mega-thread

    If Citeh choose to get involved we could have a bidding war now...
  5. Scottish Steve

    Torres mega-thread

    I agree, more likely to be sturridge unfortunately...
  6. Scottish Steve

    Torres mega-thread

    He's increasingly injury prone with each passing year, he's got spaghetti hamstrings and dodgy ankles and has Marco van Basten written all over him. He'll be retired by 29\30. Take the money now, he'll do fuck all at Chelsea.
  7. Scottish Steve

    2003 vs mancs

    Come on. Harsh on dudek that. When he first joined he did alright. I can remember being behind the goal at Pride Park in December 2001 when his penalty save preserved a one-nil victory and we went top of the league. Once he lost it, though, he was dodgy as fuck...
  8. Scottish Steve


    He'll be fucked by 27. This generation's Norman Whiteside.
  9. He's a late developer who'd surely offer us something we don't really have right now, the ability to ping 40 yard diagonal passes out to the wing. He came on at Hampden for Scotland v Spain and at times he out-Alonsoed Alonso. Sell Poulsen and go up to 6.5m for him.
  10. Scottish Steve

    Half us, half Blueshite scarves

    Even the Celtic ones are questionable. I still remember those fans rubbing our noses in it when they won at Anfield in 2003. Didn't see much evidence for the 'special relationship' then. Big fight in front of me in the Lower centenary. Weedgie knobheads.
  11. Scottish Steve

    'Less bad' case scenario?

    Man City for the league, then we regroup and go for number 19 next season. Sweet as.