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  1. Jeez, what a report that was Dave. Fukn brilliant stuff as ever.
  2. These are the only reports I read now. Quality stuff, Dave
  3. Scottish Steve

    Everton 0 Liverpool 2 - Prem (Oct 1 2011)

    Pure quality that, Dave
  4. Scottish Steve

    January Transfer window 2012

    Talk of saloman kalou and Adam Johnson. Don't see the appeal myself.
  5. Scottish Steve

    Rafa interview in FourFourTwo

    Na, it was inter Milan away when his wife gave birth. Lucas stepped in at the 11th hour and did alright. Think he was injured for the game at OT
  6. Scottish Steve

    Rafa interview in FourFourTwo

    What? Like the 4-1 win at old Trafford? Could you tell he wasn't playing that day? Thing about Alonso is that it was a classic catch 22 situation. Rafa doesn't try and punt him, he doesn't play out of skin in that final year.
  7. Scottish Steve


    Hmmm Hearts have only won one of their last 14 League games and have potentially massive Europa League qualifiers on the horizon. I agree, in the past Romanov has shown signs of rabid megalomania but in this instance I think most Hearts fans recognise that altho Jim Jefferies is a great motivator and can spot a player, he's not great tactically. A point borne out by the fact that Romanov has offered Jefferies the role of Director of Football where he'd be in charge of pinpointing players.
  8. Scottish Steve

    Judas V1.0

    That's a bit harsh. He'd been told by Sven that he needed first team football to guarantee a starting place at the World Cup. Liverpool were his first choice and Rafa was happy to bid for him. Newcastle then stuck in a ridiculously high bid which Rafa couldn't/wouldn't match. Owen then was left in a quandary, dig his heels in with Madrid and refuse to leave unless it was for a smaller fee to Liverpool, thereby running the risk of getting no move at all and stewing on the bench, or taking the Newcastle offer. Reading Carra's book there's a bit about Owen sobbing down the phone cos Rafa never came back in for him at the 11th hour. Listen, I think he's a smarmy little twat and all, he is way too keen to curry favour with whoever his current employers happen to be which makes him seem cold-hearted and disloyal. Just saying the move to Newcastle wasn't quite so black and white.
  9. Scottish Steve


    Just wants everyone to love him
  10. Scottish Steve

    Liverpool's Worst Ever Player

    OK, worst performance from an established Liverpool player was Salif Diao v Southampton at Anfield, Dec 2004. For some reason he was playing at right back. Pure unadulterated shite.
  11. Scottish Steve

    Liverpool's Worst Ever Player

    Frode Kippe for me. Came on in that Worthington Cup tie we lost at home to Grimsby and didn't even look like a footballer. Wayne Harrison was another waste of space.
  12. Scottish Steve

    A few facts about our Manc chums

    Plus they're truly hypocritical. Giraffe gob Ferdinand gets all bent out of shape cos Balotelli has a laugh at the Manc fans, it didn't matter when rat boy Neville did it to our fans though did it? Then there's that sign at OT ripping the piss out of City's years in the wilderness which you'd think would make them less likely to kick up a fuss over that Tevez poster. Classless wankstains. Fuck 'em.
  13. They can't have it both ways though, can they? Pontificating at length as to Charlie Adam's worth but not matching that in terms the relatively meagre wages he earns and forcing him to take them to court over an unpaid bonus. Small-time chancers.
  14. Scottish Steve

    History Repeating Itself?

    It wasn't that long ago that Stephen Wright was snuffing out Ryan Giggs at OT and scoring against Borussia Dortmund in the CL. It's not enough that the boys' have got talent, they need to be attached to a vehicle that is also attracting the right sorts of top-end players. That Man U side had Pallister and Bruce and Keane and McClair. I agree, though, the future looks rosy.
  15. Scottish Steve


    Poor man's Luca Modric
  16. Just like our various associations with a variety of French-speaking players came to an end when Ged's bug eyes exited stage left, so the same is happening with the Spanish-speaking lads: end of an era and all that. McGregor of Rangers would be a snip, turning us a tidy profit. Even if Pepe did choose Arsenal or the Mancs for next season we'll still finish above both!
  17. Scottish Steve

    This seem familiar ?? (Gillett)

    Scum. Sub-human scum.
  18. Scottish Steve

    Rafa on sky sports

    Exactly. When we destroyed Real Madrid at home, PSV and Marseilles away (to name but three) the only grinding taking place was the upper and lower molars of the oppo manager whose team was being taken apart...
  19. Scottish Steve

    Insua - The forgotten man?

    Essentially a fat Gregory Vignal.
  20. Scottish Steve

    Funny shouts at the match

    I remember I was at Liverpool v Aston Villa in 2002 and a boy behind me shouted at Dion Dublin: I got your cookbook, it was fukn shite...
  21. Scottish Steve

    Favourite ever non-Liverpool Premiership player

    Ruud Gullit. When he played for Chelsea it reminded me of being back at school when the PE teacher joined in matches. Outwith the prem I'd go for Marco Van Basten...
  22. Scottish Steve

    Best memories on the Kop.

    The Roma game in 2002 was really special. We needed that second goal and Emile's header was towering. I also remember Marseilles in the UEFA cup in 2004 and it was so dull everyone just amused themselves making paper aeroplanes out of the pieces of mural paper...
  23. Scottish Steve

    Every team needs a 'KUYT'

    Had to give it up, got a very bad back injury... You know, from all the clapping... Kuyt is the latest in a long line of failed centre forwards who can't hack it up front and get stuck wide right.
  24. Scottish Steve

    Champions league last 16

    Bruno Conti circa 82?
  25. Scottish Steve

    What happened to Alan Smith?

    Michael Bridges ended up at Carlisle after a series of injuries saw his career go down the pan. Decent player on his day.