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    Owen to retire

    Frank McGarvey, Brad Friedel
  2. Scottish Steve

    The many coats of Brendan

    welcome to THE LUXER Might be one of these, mate
  3. Scottish Steve

    Downing reborn?

    Bizarre that three of KK's signings (Downing, Henderson and Enrique) have all flourished after he left. Does that mean Allen, Borini and Assaidi will all be good next season if we bin Rodgers in the summer. Hmmm.....
  4. Scottish Steve

    Ben Arfa

    Jeez. How many flimsy, fleet-footed midfielders do we actually need? Surely we need something else in the mix? A Nigel de Jong type....
  5. Scottish Steve

    Michael Ngoo

    Was at the game yesterday and Ngoo was superb. Held the ball up well, lead the line tirelessly, took a shitload of punishment, brought others into play intelligently, played the whole 120 mins, scored a smart volley and tucked his pen away nicely.
  6. Scottish Steve

    January Transfers 2013

    Michael Ngoo off to Hearts? Thoughts? You can see him wreaking havoc up there...
  7. Scottish Steve

    Get on this dickhead

    That was the same summer Ged sought to bring in Lee Bowyer for nine million and wanted to replace Didi with Salif Diao. Staggeringly poor judgement.
  8. Yep, I was in the Hearts end. I cringed at 'sign on' and turned to my mate during that iksome Suarez song to say 'yeh, he knows he's a footballing genius, end of'. That was undoubtedly cringeworthy. I've been to a couple of hundred Liverpool games and hate all that shit you get every other weekend from small-time nobodies who think they're being witty and original. Probably I'm the wrong person to even be at this match as I have such strong feelings for both sides and am incapable of being objective in any way shape or form. Any discord I'm always going to see both ways. For me, the reason the Hearts fans were so confrontational and deliberately antagonistic was purely and simply a case of feeling dismissed, written off and irrelevant and rebelling against it. You can go into these sorts of games and be all deferential, gawping in admiration at the superstars on show and what happens: you can get humped 5-0 at home by Spurs (as Hearts did last time around). Doffing their caps at Gareth Bale and swooning over Van der Vaart. As soon as this draw was made the agenda was simple, please, no autograph hunting this time, eh. That air of defiance and spiky bravado sadly created parallels with the type of support you often get at Anfield but, for me, wasn't the same. I did think the Hearts' support was magnificent, not just because the singing was pretty much incessant and loud but also because when I went to the Hillsborough memorial pre-match to pay my respects and leave my scarf, it was piled high with maroon. Living in the past? All I meant by that was there seemed to be a clear expectation from Liverpool that Hearts would be demolished, dismissed with a flourish. Like Aberdeen were in 80/81, perhaps. I'm probably wrong but, for me, that level of bullishness and triumphalism just seemed a bit misplaced, maybe even a bit out of date now.
  9. The hearts fans were magnificent. The hostility you speak of arose as a direct result of the arrogant and condescending attitude from Liverpool fans. In the first leg they were singing 'you never won fuck all' which is ignorant and ill informed. I mean, the reason Hearts were there at all was a direct result of winning the scottish cup 5-1. Jesus, is Scottish football THAT irrelevant. I've been to hundreds of Liverpool games and loved the witty, knowledgeable and humorous attitude. V hearts? Not so much. Lazy at Tynecastle and at Anfield, useless. Going mental at a late equaliser against 'shite' like Hearts? You should be ashamed. Support your team and stop living the past.
  10. Scottish Steve

    David Templeton (Hearts)

    Forget Adam Johnson, Temps is the real deal. A genuinely tricky winger with a great shot on him. Would cost a fraction of Johnson's outlay and save us from the ignominy of a fourth wasted outlay on left sided Boro related spazwits (Zeige, Zenden, Downing, Johnson...). Keep an eye on the wee man on Thursday...
  11. Scottish Steve

    Hearts (away) match thread

    Yep, that was me. I thought the wee man did Ok
  12. Scottish Steve

    David Templeton (Hearts)

    The thing is you can't underestimate the absence of Rangers from the SPL. In previous years the Old Firm would work in tandem, a team might nick a win or even a draw at Celtic but invariably Rangers would see them off or vice versa. At least now a best of the rest side only has to worry about one Glasgow giant. Ideally we get to a league of 16, 15 home and 15 away, so you'd only have to go through there once. Twice when the Huns get back. People talk about how one sided the SPL is but can you imagine if teams in England had to visit Old Trafford etc twice in a season. There'd definitely be a bigger gap then. Scottish football has been horribly skewed in favour of the OF for years what with division of TV money and voting rights. Funniest of all was when they used to nick all their opponents best players for peanuts, stick them on the bench and then complain that the lack of decent opposition was affected their performances in Europe. Btw Downing just reminds me of Steve Guppy. And he was shite up here too.
  13. As an Edinburgh boy, born and bred, and Heart of Midlothian season ticket holder, I felt compelled to put into words my feelings regarding the upcoming Europa League play-off tie between Hearts and Liverpool later this month. You see, despite supporting Hearts since my granddad took me along as a nipper in the late 70s, and like many Scots of my age, I also share a great affinity with Liverpool FC. In 1977, a whole generation of Scots were suddenly confronted by the prospect of their talisman (Kenny Dalglish) replacing England’s equivalent (Kevin Keegan). More than a few disparaging murmurings from over the border imbued us all with an awareness of Liverpool and a keen desire for them to do well. This was only further enhanced with the subsequent arrival of messrs Hansen and Souness and long before Kenny’s glorious dink over Jensen hit the back of the Bruges’ net at Wembley, a generation had formed a lasting bond with the Redmen. I was fortunate enough to be able to take this affinity for Liverpool a stage further when I moved to the city in order to study to be a vet. Thanks to a kindly newsagent owner on Smithdown Road I got to travel the length and breadth of the country following Liverpool. For the five seasons book-ended by the treble and Istanbul I got to live the dream: in the paddock for Gary Mac’s penalty against Barcelona and on the Kop both for Ged’s comeback versus AS Roma and the Chelsea semi final on May the 3rd 2005, to name but three. Up until the night of the Chelsea semi final I’d always felt a cruel shiver when football and May the 3rd came together. Back in 1986 it was a magical time to be a Hearts and/or a Liverpool supporter. Both sides, having embarked on long unbeaten runs, had league and cup doubles well within their grasp. Momentum built, steadily, depositing us both on the brink of success. It came down to one match: May the 3rd 1986, the last game of the season. Hearts were faced with one task and one task alone: a point at Dens Park, Dundee and that would be the title. The same day Liverpool set off for Stamford Bridge to play another side in blue, the title also tantalizingly close. We all know that day that Kenny’s chest and seering volley sealed the title for the Redmen but, up in Scotland May the 3rd was to become the darkest of days for the maroons. Seven minutes from the title and a scraggy-haired journeyman called Albert Kidd scored the first of an improbable double and ‘Heart Break’ headlines were as ubiquitous as Kenny’s beaming smile. The following week when Liverpool were toying with their city neighbours, Hearts misery was complete, losing the cup final 3-0 to an Aberdeen side recently vacated by Fergie. Fast forward to May the 13th 2006 and, once again, fate decreed that Hearts and Liverpool would once more settle their domestic cup finals on the same day. And the coincidences keep on coming: both sides were going for their seventh FA cup, both sides secured victory via penalties (Liverpool, of course, seeing off West Ham, Hearts beating Gretna) and both sides were captained by a player with the first name Steven (Gerrard and Presley), who both, incidentally, scored successful penalities in their respective shoot-outs. And so we come back to the Europa League play-off. Many in Edinburgh will have a soft spot for the Reds and, irrespective which side prevails over the two legs (although I think I can guess), many at Tynecastle on August 23rd will have a team to follow resolutely through the group stages and hopefully beyond.
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    Hearts v Liverpool: a short piece

    Loads of comedy acts at the Festival Hall if that's your thing. assemblyfestival.com
  15. Scottish Steve

    Hearts v Liverpool: a short piece

    You're right. Last season's semi notwithstanding we tend to get our arses handed to us through there. Decent record at home, tough. There's quite a few little side streets off Gorgie Road on the way towards town that might be worth a look for parking. And, bad though that ticket office is, you'd be amazed how much of an improvement we see today.
  16. Scottish Steve

    Hearts v Liverpool: a short piece

    Yep, I was there. Just a few idiots, mate. Really doesn't take that many to mess the whole thing up, although d'you think they'd have had a minute's silence if Celtic had been playing Rangers that day instead. Obvious a few idiots would ruin it. I mean, when you play Celtic as a Hearts fan they ram their religion at you with a barrage of IRA chants and sectarian bile; add a minute's silence for the pope to that backdrop and see what happens.
  17. Scottish Steve

    Hearts v Liverpool: a short piece

    Cheers by the way
  18. Scottish Steve

    Hearts v Liverpool: a short piece

    No doubt mate
  19. Too right. Great piece. I wonder if we'll look back at that horror show up at Newcastle as the turning point for Andy. Such was the torrent of unnecessary vitriol unleashed, I dunno, I kind of feel any sense of regret or homesickness or lingering fondness for the old place went that day. Since then his head has seemed right and his performances improved. Bring on next season.
  20. Scottish Steve

    Charlie Adam

    For me he lacks the self belief to truly prosper at a big club. Blackpool was fine because the stakes weren't too high if he ever fucked up and besides if he ever did then everything came through him so he'd know there'd be plenty opportunity to redeem himself. Clearly he was more amd more exposed after Lucas got injured but also worth pointing out how meek and subservient he became when Gerrard returned. He has wilted under the increased expectation here. Best bet is to try and punt him on for a small profit: bait for Dembele perhaps
  21. Another great report, superb re-living it again. Glen Johnson's pen had shades of Carra's v Nam in 2001. You've probably been asked this a thousand times so apologies, but any plans to publish all these at the end of the season? Along with the weekly premiership pieces?
  22. Don't get me wrong, I love that Kenny wanted to give 'the wee man a leg up' but the wee man was buzzing all game, unlike Charlie. Suppose '26' is harder to translate into fingers...
  23. Scottish Steve


    I agree. Back in the day he was quality. Bit of a smug cockmuncher now, though. Does the guardian podcast and these guys rarely have a good word to say about us
  24. Scottish Steve

    I don't usually get angry with journalists

    Jim Beglin was a bit of a tit on ITV and all. Musing as to whether the reason Evra switched off for Kuyt's winner was a result of all the furore surrounding him.