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  1. Deepz

    Roxanne Pallett

    I've decided, She's gonna have my kids.
  2. Deepz

    Fixtures on iPhone

    Will it be updated after the Europa League comes and changes all the dates?
  3. Deepz

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Also Swansea payed a loan fee to secure him, so that would have been part of the final extra price we'll pay I assume?
  5. Deepz

    important announcement

    A Manc friend of mine took over my computer...my apologies
  6. Deepz

    Social Smoking

    Shisha is pure social smoking really
  7. Deepz

    Travelling to Wembley

    Harrow's full of pub's before the game, and easy to get to Wembley after too, only about 10 mins away. If I remember correctly on the FA Cup final, City fans took over the area, would be nice if us reds did the same.
  8. Deepz

    Jordan Henderson - what are you?

    Hes 21 years old, and done far more than Tom Cleverly who's 23 and played for the Manc's 5 times yet they jizz over him, he's a lot better than Cleverly too, a very intelligent footballer.
  9. Deepz

    Favourite Porn Star

    Has this turned into the BBW thread?
  10. Deepz

    short corners

    Not sure about Suarez being prolific at free kicks at Ajax but Adam certainly came with a reputation for set pieces, remember Fungus saying that his corners were worth £10m? Id rather have Gerrard taking them, and thats saying something.
  11. Deepz

    FA cup 3rd round, Oldham(h)

    Robinson was on crutches a few weeks back,probably won't be ready for this one
  12. Deepz

    January Transfer window 2012

    The only real links we've had is to Reges, the rest like Ozil etc are obviously bollocks, compared to the weeks before previous windows there's been a lot less names mentioned.
  13. Deepz

    January Transfer window 2012

    Isn't it refreshing for nobody to be linking names to LFC in the press, I know there are other things going on around us, but it's weird that barely any names have been mentioned to us. I like how it's being kept in-house.
  14. Deepz

    Rory Donnelly

    Ben Smith of the Times also tweeted that Donnelly and Ibe were close.
  15. Deepz

    6.30pm: Man U v LFC live

    We got Oldham mate
  16. Deepz


    I'd stick him up front.
  17. Deepz

    Best aftershave for me.

    Black XS is my favourite.
  18. Deepz

    Owen Coyle

    Remarkable that some of us (including me) asked for him to take over from Roy!
  19. Deepz

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Shocking when played out of position at Spurs, but an absolute tank at center back since then, top class.