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  1. corro

    Marcus Rashford

    The cunts getting less popular by the minute. Especially amongst his own vermin crew. He might not last until Xmas.
  2. corro

    Where will we finish?

    Someone mentioned that if Utd win the europa league 5th place will get a champs league spot.
  3. corro

    The Vietnam War Thread

    Hearts and minds is worth a watch, you can get it on YouTube. It caused a lot of bother at the time. Yanks refused to distribute it. It didn’t go down well when it won an Oscar for best documentary.
  4. corro


    No coincidence whatsoever. Just like the phoney mass testing failure. Tier three flood of outsiders all over town before total lockdown. No coincidence whatsoever.
  5. corro

    euro champions draw

    Good try mate. You meant well. You obviously didn’t know about the Cuntish hierarchy within. There’ll be a few more piling in soon. Fucks sake.
  6. corro

    Will everything be okay next season?

    I know it’s a sore point but once the testing calms down and the meds make it past the new brexit restrictions we will knock fuck out of everyone again. That’s what the taxi fella told me today.
  7. corro

    Featured: Red of the Day - Kevin Keegan

    Spot on brother. He was fantastic for us. A genuine red legend. To have a player as good as him replaced by our finest ever with 60.000 profit just shows how important he was to us. He will always make my all time eleven. Happy 70th Kev
  8. Strongest side available all things considered
  9. corro

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    That last line you mention is the reason we shouldn’t be writing ourselves off for the league. Utd are having a lot of luck during this run but they are bang average. City are the obvious worry but De Bruyne being out they could struggle a bit. Massive game Friday without doubt. Get a win down there and we are right back in it.
  10. corro

    Thiago Alcantara

    Spot on. We won’t see the best from him until we get our full midfield back together. Move him up the pitch. It’s doing us in having to play Fab at the back. Just don’t understand why we never got another CB over the summer with Matips injury record.
  11. corro

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Fucks sake talk about getting carried away. Calm down for fucks sake. We are not a laughing stock. Just going through a dip these last few weeks after two amazing seasons of incredible consistency.Injuries playing a massive part. Players doing their best playing out of position. One or two dependables out of sorts. It happens. Yeah we are struggling but we’ll come back. Decline? fucks sake
  12. corro

    Glasgow Celtic.

    It might just suit him now after years away. I believe the family are still settled over the water. Not that far away for getting home more. Old friend in charge of their only real rivals. I hope he takes the job. Love the man. I can’t stand Lennon.
  13. 77 against a shite Utd missing out on the treble. I think most of use knew why that wouldn’t be an option but hey ho. Was it yours by the way.
  14. Looks like the cups then. Twat Utd Sunday and kick on.
  15. corro

    The New Cricket Thread

    That was fucking marvellous. Pant was totally fearless. No bowlers no Kohli. Great team. Great series. First loss at the gabba since 1988.
  16. Their midfield and back four are shite. They have a couple of match winners that have got them over the line in tight games. Fucks sake Villa battered them. Phoney pen won it. We will beat them comfortably.
  17. corro

    Other football - 2020/21

    Colin Bell gone now. What a player. My favourite non red as a kid. Never the same after that fucking Utd dog Buchan done him. RIP Nijinsky
  18. corro

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    You both are to be honest.
  19. Nah they aren’t the big threat. They’re just the bogey men. We are well ahead of them regardless of the problems we’ve had. City are still the only real threat. Bogey men that’s all
  20. Another character gone in this shit year. I know he managed the other cunts but fucking loved Shanks. Funny guy too as well as a big Tim. Funny singing “ who’s up Mary Brown “ back in the day only for him to stand up and take a bow. RIP Tom
  21. Give it a rest FFS. You’re embarrassing yourself
  22. corro

    Rate the last film you watched...

    He’s great but I thinking on I jumped the gun a bit there. Some fine characters I’d forgotten about in them old Dickens adaptations.
  23. corro

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it already but that Elton John film is fucking awful. No cunt comes out of that with any credit. An inspector calls with Alistair Sim is another gem on last week from the soooperb talking pictures. Alistair Sims Scrooge is the finest character ever portrayed in a Dickens film.
  24. corro

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Good shout with this movie. Really enjoyed it. Some dark parts of America.
  25. corro

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Couple of classics on talking pictures the last couple of days. The Winslow boy and Hobson’s choice. Talking pictures is fucking sooooperb