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  1. piphomer

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Round of 16)

    The final report is going to be pretty short then.
  2. piphomer

    Liverpool 2 Palace 0 (May 23 2021)

    Wasn't Tiago already bought as his replacement?
  3. piphomer

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 1 (Apr 10 2021)

    Bobby's improved display deserves a mention too I feel!
  4. piphomer

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    Thiago "didn’t really do anything especially creative" Does he ever?
  5. piphomer

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    Past three seasons. Or is it four? We've been so good for so long I've lost track. Obviously the injuries in defence have hurt us hugely, and the spill over effect onto the midfield, but the mystery for me is how the front three became so ineffective so suddenly. Although that said, it's not even sudden is it? It's been at least a year.
  6. piphomer

    Manchester United 3 Liverpool 2 (Jan 24 2021)

    I assumed it actually meant something in Norwegian or Danish or whatever!
  7. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 16-20 2021)

    To be fair, Bobby went a bit shit a long time before Mo and Sadio did.
  8. I watched the Spurs v Brentford game, cos I've lived in Brentford for the last three years so they've become my second club. Although I think I would have watched anyway because if the chance of an upset. I was hoping for more on how amazing Tiago is turning out to be, to cheer me up this week.
  9. Can we talk about wtf is going on with Thiago?
  10. piphomer

    Liverpool 2 Sheffield Utd 1 (Oct 24 2020)

    Thiago also played the pass while looking in an entirely different direction so again, Sadio will learn to expect those!
  11. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 3-4 2020)

    "Tell you what’s fucking mental. Not only are Everton top with a 100% record, they’re now being shown first on MOTD. What kind of fucking bizarro world is this? I’m about one more month of this away from " Away from what? What are you one month away from? Come on, you can’t leave it at that. We need to know.
  12. piphomer

    Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 2 (Oct 4 2020)

    I've finally had to give up defending Bobby to my Spurs-supporting mates now. I had to concede last night that he brings nothing to the team currently.
  13. Not sure there are going to be fans at games when the new season starts, even :-/
  14. piphomer

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 0 (Jun 24 2020)

    I just didn't want the game to end. If we'd had another 10 mins I feel like Harvey and Neco would both have gotten on the scoresheet, and I would have loved that. I also noticed that Harvey has really bulked up over the last three months.
  15. piphomer

    Liverpool 5 Everton 2 (Dec 4 2019)

    Disappointed you didn't comment on Shaq's new fuller hairline, Dave.
  16. piphomer

    Liverpool 1 Napoli 1 (Nov 27 2019)

    44-goal Mo seems like a distant memory these days...
  17. "This is happening." What's mentaller than the fact he might sign is, we're so good now he probably won't get into our starting 11...
  18. piphomer

    Liverpool 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Oct 27 2019)

    He's got to be rested against Villa, surely?
  19. piphomer

    Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1 (Oct 20 2019)

    I might be alone here but I didn't really think it was a foul on Big Div...
  20. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 17-19 2019)

    Totally agree. It's a product of people who have no idea what it means to love football.
  21. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 17-19 2019)

    "because it’s all about catering for the TV audience and nobody gives a shit about the match going fan, whose experience of the game is being completely ruined by this shit." VAR is ruining the game for TV fans as well as those lucky enough to be at the ground.
  22. piphomer

    2018/19 Season Report Card - James Milner

    I would have thought that makes it easier to pick a score.. easier than, say, your report on Mo today.
  23. piphomer

    2018/19 Season Report Card - James Milner

    You didn't explain why you think Milner is tricky to evaluate.
  24. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 20-24 2019)

    I watched on Wednesday too and when Silva's goal went in my heart sank and I got a feeling that I had forgotten existed: I got a reminder of what it feels like to see a team you want to win, lose. I've literally forgotten what it feels like to lose a game.
  25. "Worse than that though would be if players and fans begin to feel like they can’t let themselves celebrate until they know for sure it’s going to be given." We're already at this point, and it sucks.