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  1. piphomer

    Liverpool 5 Everton 2 (Dec 4 2019)

    Disappointed you didn't comment on Shaq's new fuller hairline, Dave.
  2. piphomer

    Liverpool 1 Napoli 1 (Nov 27 2019)

    44-goal Mo seems like a distant memory these days...
  3. "This is happening." What's mentaller than the fact he might sign is, we're so good now he probably won't get into our starting 11...
  4. piphomer

    Liverpool 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Oct 27 2019)

    He's got to be rested against Villa, surely?
  5. piphomer

    Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1 (Oct 20 2019)

    I might be alone here but I didn't really think it was a foul on Big Div...
  6. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 17-19 2019)

    Totally agree. It's a product of people who have no idea what it means to love football.
  7. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 17-19 2019)

    "because it’s all about catering for the TV audience and nobody gives a shit about the match going fan, whose experience of the game is being completely ruined by this shit." VAR is ruining the game for TV fans as well as those lucky enough to be at the ground.
  8. piphomer

    2018/19 Season Report Card - James Milner

    I would have thought that makes it easier to pick a score.. easier than, say, your report on Mo today.
  9. piphomer

    2018/19 Season Report Card - James Milner

    You didn't explain why you think Milner is tricky to evaluate.
  10. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 20-24 2019)

    I watched on Wednesday too and when Silva's goal went in my heart sank and I got a feeling that I had forgotten existed: I got a reminder of what it feels like to see a team you want to win, lose. I've literally forgotten what it feels like to lose a game.
  11. "Worse than that though would be if players and fans begin to feel like they can’t let themselves celebrate until they know for sure it’s going to be given." We're already at this point, and it sucks.
  12. piphomer

    Bayern Munich 1 Liverpool 3 (Mar 13 2019)

    "Mo was really god in the second half" He's not god but he is the King.
  13. Salah's lack of balance in Saturday's game didn't do him any favours.
  14. piphomer

    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 (Dec 29 2018)

    Every one of our lads looked superhuman out there. The power, energy, speed, skill, and desire of every single player is breathtaking.
  15. Mo smiling again, the world is good this Christmas.
  16. piphomer

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Sterling is 5'7 and Jesus 5'9, so yeah, pretty short indeed.
  17. piphomer

    Liverpool 5 Roma 2 (Apr 24 2018)

    Kinell mate, reach for the happy pills for once.
  18. piphomer

    West Brom 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 21 2108)

    Your thoughts on Mo are exactly what I'm thinking every game.
  19. piphomer

    Liverpool 4 Manchester City 3 (Jan 14 2018)

    Can we poach their goalkeeper scout???
  20. piphomer

    Liverpool 5 Swansea City 0 (Dec 26 2017)

    You've only got to look at our bench these days to see how strong the team and squad are.
  21. piphomer

    Liverpool 1 Everton 1 (Dec 10 2017)

    I think Mané is feeling very overshadowed by Mo and was desperate to get on the scoresheet. I felt that in the Spartak game too.
  22. piphomer

    Liverpool 7 Spartak Moscow 0 (Dec 6 2017)

    "I want him to score every game now and when he doesn’t I’m disappointed. By that I mean disappointed for him, not in him." We're all thinking the same thing!
  23. piphomer

    Stoke City (a) -PL Match Thread

    Yeah, but so did everyone else. And they don't anymore.
  24. piphomer

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 30-Oct 1 2017)

    Leicester lost to us so they must be really shit.
  25. At least he'd done his homework on Vardy's shit "bang it down the middle every time" penalty record.