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  1. YNWA-Viking

    Wolves (A) Premier League - 15/3/21 - 20:00

    Pretty shit game tbh lucky to get the 3 points. Got to massively improve to properly fight for top 4.
  2. YNWA-Viking

    Nathaniel Phillips

    Good in the air. But to not make him a liability in the team it's all about protection: he needs the backs and the midfield to protect him, so that he doesn't have to track fast players running past him and/or face pacey attackers in or around the box. Also he needs support when playing out from the back. If most of what he has to do is to head the ball away and keep it simple (like yesterdays game) he will do fine.
  3. YNWA-Viking

    RB Leipzig (H) Champions League - 10/3/21

    Get the fuck in. Great tonight. Could/should have won 5-0. Now let's use this to start winning in the Prem.
  4. YNWA-Viking

    We can’t carry on like this.

    Klopp should stay 100 % but that does not make him devoid of criticism for the team he picked today.
  5. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Bit shit. But deffo the highlight of the day.
  6. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Haha fucking shambles. So fucking predictable. Klopp you did us no favours today, not using the best team possible. Klopp you were shit today. Fucking hell.
  7. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    We got better when we use our best players, hey, strange that.
  8. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    I'm sorry but Klopp must rightly face some criticism for this. Why the fuck has he put up a worse team than what is available to him? It makes no fucking sense. And prioritizing CL? Fuck that, we will never win CL this season with all the injuries we have on key players. Today we just needed a win, a scrappy one, whatever, this is the absolute last thing we needed.
  9. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    This is depressing as shit. Fuck this shit. I just ordered a pizza with tons of bacon and cheese. There, I finally could say something positive in this shit thread.
  10. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Hahaha this is getting fucking ridiculous. We make Fulham look like Barcelona in their heyday. No one is fighting, we have NO CLUE when we go forward, the defence has done NOTHING right the whole game, Fulham could have scored 3 goals if they were a bit better. FUCKING RIDICULOUS THIS!!
  11. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Poor pressing, poor in attack, poor in defence. Only positive is that we can only get better.
  12. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    I quite like the look of the top 6, however the defence looks rather sketchy. Let's hope they prove us wrong.
  13. YNWA-Viking

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Down-prioritizing the league? That's a new one.
  14. YNWA-Viking

    Ben Davies

    Physically he looks pretty weak. No muscles on him. Guessing Klopp and Klopp 2 (the one that looks like Klopp) have put him on some heavy muscle building regime, and it will take some time until we'll see him in action.
  15. YNWA-Viking

    Chelsea (H) PL - Thurs 4th Mar 2021 at 20:15

    Slow, indecisive, lack of quality when it matters. We're continuing to drone on like we've been doing as of late. The Chelsea goal could have easily been stopped if we had more players throwing themselves in front of the ball. Not enough grit. Mane should have scored when he got that superb cross from Salah. But there's something missing these days. Something is very wrong. Everything we do looks difficult. And subbing off our top scorer half an hour before full time? Sorry Klopp, wrong decision that. Positives? Only one goal against. And Jota - he showed quality and determination when he got on. Let's hope he stays injury free and wins some games for us, we gotta pick up a strings of wins if we are to have any chance on top 4.