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  1. True although it sounds like you need to find a nicer pub
  2. Hahaha Absolutely pissing myself, I needed that, thanks !
  3. I’m absolutely dreading this and fear we’ll get battered. Unless of course it gets postponed again, in which case we will have missed out in a glorious opportunity to batter them.
  4. I thought we stood a chance. Either way I agree it sets a dangerous precedent to allow fans to delay a match. Imagine if it was a title decider and Fernandez was a week away from full fitness. Because if they get off scot free I’d quite happily try and delay a match in the future with that kind of scenario.
  5. Everyone was dreading this game on here, now it’s postponed we have missed out on a glorious opportunity to beat them. Personally I think it would have been a terrible time to play them. And when is fucking Hendo back ffs? Maybe for the rearranged fixture?
  6. God I look forward to that. Although I bet other fans can whinge about it but when we do it the media will twist the boot, and it’ll all be Jamie Carraghers fault because murdoch and that.
  7. I agree, it has to be non violent, like you describe.
  8. Why does the official Liverpool Twitter account always have to be about Liverpool?
  9. It was widely believed that this was the first step in breaking away completely, as the two leagues would be almost impossible to combine long term.
  10. Too much tribalism on here. And paranoia. Because this is a time we all need to protest.
  11. Reckoner

    Other football - 2020/21

    It’s like Rogers last full season. We didn’t even have to achieve anything to get top 4, just beat absolute shite at home and a few draws away from home and we’d be sitting pretty. Even that has been beyond us. Sighs all round.
  12. Whoaaa steady on there, are you mad?
  13. Reckoner

    Other football - 2020/21

    I wonder what Sergio Ramos’ reaction would be to that photo.
  14. Crouch makes a reasonable point and sounds more balanced about it than most of us on here. My problem though is the length of time this ‘bad patch’ has gone on for, particularly with Firmino. He’s always been inconsistent, but now it’s just almost constantly terrible. I’d keep Mane though. Put on a YouTube video of his top 50 goals on a massive screen, give him a massive line and a cigar and press play.