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  1. Glenn hoddle’s a right bitter bastard!
  2. can’t watch the last 10 mins I’m taking the dog round the block!
  3. matty210

    Arsenal(a) match thread

    i"d like to see the scouting reports they did on henderson that made us pay 16m for him, such a poor footballer
  4. cracking report that dave, thanks.
  5. matty210

    Mancs Away

    sky coverage a disgrace.
  6. matty210

    Ferguson - 25 years

    davet is 100% correct. the man is a horrible human being, never mind sportsman. him and his club go hand in hand together.
  7. matty210

    Ferguson - 25 years

    get yourself down to old trafford mate. you"ll be welcome there.
  8. matty210

    Forgotten Brilliant Goals

    john barnes v watford at anfield in 87. smacked it from 25 yards, i"ve never seen a ball hit sweeter before or since.
  9. matty210

    Norwich home Match Thread

    i thought we played ok today, at least we created plenty of chances. i was felt more disappointed last week with the 1-1 against the mancs. i"m still puzzled why we did"nt buy someone like cahill in the summer and instead paid out for coates. strange one that!
  10. matty210

    Season ticket letters

    anyone who says we dont need a new ground should read this thread. hi everybody.