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    Brendan Rodgers is our manager

    It isn't a myth. He was subbed off in the joint highest amount of games in his last season at Southampton. Alongside Chamakh who once asked for a break over christmas because he was tired and a 30+ year old Leon Osman. A teams best player doesn't get subbed off in half of the their games unless there's a reason for it.
  2. Il Fenomeno

    Stoke Away match thread

    5-0? Cheerio Brendan...
  3. Il Fenomeno

    LFC Player Awards @ The Echo Arena

    Champions league winning manager that has underachieved at 2 clubs since leaving us. We can't keep using stuff from 5 years ago as excuses for us being shite today. We haven't been good enough on or off the pitch to compete with the top 4 since 2009 bar last season where everything came together for us (and we still bottled it when it mattered).
  4. Agger hadn't played since Southampton, you can't hold one mistake against someone for the rest of the season. We have to accept that we have 4 very good centre backs in the squad and if anyone isn't on top form we will see players being dropped and replaced. Sakho may have won the man of the match on here for his performance against Arsenal but that doesn't mean he deserved to keep his place, it just means he was less embarrassing than the rest of the team. It may seem unfair that Sakho was dropped and people like Gerrard, Lucas, Cissokho etc weren't but we just don't have the depth in other positions that we have at centre back. Its probably the only position that we've got title winning depth in. I'm sure Rodgers would love to have 4 quality centre mids to rotate like our centre backs but unfortunately we don't have that so its a case of doing the best we can with the players we have until the next transfer window or two.
  5. How do you know it was because Agger's one of his 'favourites' that he dropped Sakho. It might be because he doesn't trust Sakho as a centre back in a back four yet, it might be because he thought Agger deserved a chance after showing good attitude and training well or maybe he thought Agger and Sakho couldn't play together and he thought Agger deserved another chance in the 1st team which meant Sakho was just the unlucky person to make way. There's plenty of sensible reasons for the change, not just favouritism. As for dropping Henderson for the Man Utd game, that did seem harsh but maybe he wanted to try and keep the ball more and thought Allen was more suited to doing that? And there's no point subbing Gerrard if you've not got anyone capable of winning a game like he is on the bench. If we brought Allen or Henderson on for Gerrard and we were drawing at home, even if he was playing poorly, people would be righly questioning the decision if it didn't work out. Plus Gerrard going off and Allen/Henderson/Alberto coming on would give the opposition a massive confidence boost.
  6. Il Fenomeno

    Notts County at home

    Centre back, centre mid and winger needed in the next 6 days. Otherwise this season is a write off just like last season. Would be a shame if we wasted another season of doing nothing in the league just because the owners were too stingy to back the manager. But if we don't spend in the next 6 days (or whatever it is) then it just confirms FSG are the wrong owners for the club and have no ambitions of making us into a title challenging team like they claim.
  7. Il Fenomeno

    Notts County at home

    Our whole team has been a load of shite, no exceptions, and this is basically our first choice team. Apparently we are going to storm into the top 4 with this team. When in actual fact we are in exactly the same situation as last season with a poor squad with no depth and no intention of buying anyone at all, just letting more players leave. Last week of this transfer window I expect plenty of articles about how we are chasing Juan Mata and ready to pay big to sign him but for it to only end up in a heroic failure to sign him on the final day of the window unfortunately leaving no time for us to chase another target.
  8. Il Fenomeno

    Willian Borges da Silva

    They've finished above us in the last 4 seasons. And their squad has been getting stronger in that time while ours has been getting weaker. We've apparently been better on paper than all of these sides that have finished above us in the last 4 seasons but we never seem to prove it on the pitch.
  9. Il Fenomeno

    Reina to Napoli

    Last season Rodgers told the truth about Carroll, that he didn't want him, and most on here were criticising him for lowering his transfer market value. This summer he has tried to do it another way & people are still criticising him. Seems like some people dislike Rodgers and will put a negative spin on whatever he does?
  10. Il Fenomeno

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    Its a good problem though isn't it? If we go into the season with Sturridge as our no.1 forward then we are gambling all our chances of getting into the top 4 on an erratic, injury prone player suddenly developing and maturing into a top class forward over pre season in which he'll hardly play as he's currently injured. He needs competition and someone to share in the goals with him, as he won't score or perform consistently enough over the season at the moment, he's got a lot of learning to do. And cmon, look at their respective records, you can't compare 2 players like Allen & Carroll to Higuain! If we signed him we'd be guaranteed goals & performances.
  11. Il Fenomeno

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    Sturridge will pick up injuries in the season and he hasn't proven himself capable of scoring over a full season with a team relying on him. Borini, Aspas & Alberto probably have less top flight career goals than Suarez scored last season alone, so we are talking quite a step down in terms of quality there. On Aspas, Michu, Alberto etc their versatility is a plus but we shouldn't overlook quality (like Higuain, though he wouldn't come here) just so we can have players that are versatile .
  12. Il Fenomeno

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    Really hope this gets sorted sooner than later. Last thing we want is this dragging into the start of the season and overshadowing everything. And I think we have to accept that this is nothing to do with the English media, its just Suarez wanting to play at a higher level than we currently are at. We aren't progressing fast enough for him and that's fair enough. The club need to work on getting about 40m for him & having a replacement lined up ready to sign the day he gets sold.
  13. Il Fenomeno

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    And another point is that Gerrard DID want to join Chelsea...
  14. Il Fenomeno

    Other football

    I reckon its going to be Phil Neville.
  15. Il Fenomeno

    Other football

    A chance to impress the man who will be in charge if England qualify for the 2014 world cup? If that manager wants you to play in 2 friendlies instead of playing in this tournament then it shows he doesn't value u21 football very highly, so it would be pointless going to this tournament really, if your aim is to be a regular in the senior team. I agree that it'd be much better for them to experience tournament football but its obvious Roy Hodgson doesn't see it that way so no point, in their eyes, to bother with it either.