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  1. Leiden is a nice quiet place though. It's why I'm here. Amsterdam is half an hour away on the train and a whole other world if you want it. 


    Leiden is relatively tourist free, has the oldest university in the Netherlands, the oldest botanical gardens in Europe and ESTEC is just out of town. We are currently the first European City of Science. 

  2. 24 minutes ago, Lee909 said:

    Found out there was 3 or 4 brothels not far from where I live. Police raided one and there was a spate of armed robberies in the others a while back. A few weeks later I was walking past the the shops one was above, nexand a sign in a window of shop below offering a hot tub for sale. Hot tub one week, trip to the VD clinic the next

    Used to live directly opposite Hot Dreams



  3. There's a bar here that has swings as seats at the bar. They are a bit shit as obviously you can push yourself out but when you come back your knees hit the bar. Anyway, one 3 October which is festival here, I lose everyone else and wait here for them. By the time they arrive my shit joke of are you swingers to some out of town couple at the bar has been followed up with a long discussion and eventually unfollowed opportunities.