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  1. How on earth was it ill informed??!!!?? Neither was it ill timed. While the media has always seen this as a Rafa-losing-it moment, I think Rafa was far too sophisticated and calculated to do this without some hidden agenda in mind. This is after all a person who has been criticised by the media and even his own players for being too reserved and lack of passion, and it is hard to believe he would allow himself to lose it so easily. If you check the dates, this came a short while after our captain involved himself in the "Phil Collins" incident and the media was having a field day digging up all sorts of dirt to criticise him. I strongly believe that Rafa was doing that on purpose to divert the attention from his captain and in this regard I think he was successful.
  2. moz

    No more British players

    They may not be bad players, but we've certainly paid over the odds for them. A South American with the same stats and ability as Henderson will probably cost one half of the price we're paying. I for one agree with Sloan, and I am worried about the strange obsession with British players we are developing for the last year. Another worrying trend is the seemingly preference we've showing for british players in the youth teams. We seem to be sending a message to the likes of Pacheco and Suso (I recall Mavinga having explicitly made this point) that they're not welcome here, and this would have an impact on the long term prospect in attracting young talents. I am not sure whether this has to do with UEFA's home grown rule but I thought young players don't count. As much as I respect the current regime, the current transfer policy reminds me very much of the Souness era when we're casting away good non-English players for no particular reason (e.g. Houghton, Staunton) and spending over the odds for competent English platers (e.g. Clough, Stewart, etc).
  3. Came across this on wikipedia and I thought this looks extremely familiar.... Hodgson's second season with Blackburn did not match the relative success of the first, due to numerous injuries,[13] dressing room unrest, the failure to find an adequate replacement for departed central defender Colin Hendry,[14] and a succession of poor buys – notably the £7.5 million Kevin Davies. As a result, Blackburn had a disastrous start to the season and Hodgson was sacked in December 1998, with the club bottom of the league table.[15] As Hodgson later explained, Blackburn's owner gave him the chance to resign honourably, but he refused to do so, leaving the club with no option but to sack him: "To Blackburn's honour, Jack Walker wanted me to resign, he wanted to still pay for the rest of my contract. He said, 'Why don't you resign? You've had enough, it's not working out.' I refused to do that, arrogant of course as I was in those days. I thought if they stuck with me I'd save them from relegation. I do think that the players were very much still with me, so I couldn't resign because that would be a suggestion that in some way I was doing something or something was happening which I didn't see to be the case or the truth. I gave him no choice but to sack me".[16] His final game was a home defeat by Southampton.[15][17]
  4. moz

    LFC set for FA compensation (£500k)

    hahaha this would be the dream scenario!
  5. I think that's because there's a section of fans who seems to think that all "home-grown" players should be immune to criticism. If you hear a lot of those fans closely, you can't help noticing how they're applying one set of standards to the home grown players (especially how the younger players deserve a chance blah blah blah) and another to those johnny foreigners. And before anyone starts to bombard me with hate mails saying how the club should retain a local identity etc., I'd like to remind them that our 86 double winning team did not have one single englishman in it. That was a great team (and one of my favourites) and that's the LFC I love.
  6. moz


    Hi Woy! I didn't know you're lurking on this forum. I know you are trying very best undermine our best midfielder for the last few games and put your favourite son Poulsen back into our side. Could you stop moaning and do us a favour and just walk away from the club?
  7. moz


    ??!! Are you suggesting that Hodgson is bringing the best out of those players?? And wasn't "defining each role in details" supposed to be Rafa's greatest sin? In my opinion, the only good thing Hodgson has done to help Lucas is to buy Poulsen, who has been most successful in taking over from Lucas as everybody's favourite scapegoat. I don't think Lucas has been playing sustantially better than last year - he has put in some very good performances last year too. It's just that people are now finally ready to appreciate his role and that they have someone else to blame for our failure.
  8. moz

    Napoli Match thread (Mypost free)

    Nice win but the scoreline flattered us a bit to be honest. On a positive note, we show great character coming back from a goal down. On a negative note, this is the shakiest defence we have in many many years. I am not sure anyone of you have noticed : based on my rough calculation, half of the goals we have let in this season came from the right side of our defence when Carragher and Johnson were playing together. It is no wonder that we have notched up two vital league victories when we play the greek and Skrtel together in the centre. That said, I'm sure Roy will never consider drop either Carra or Johnson when weekend comes around.
  9. Unfortunately, two of those total fuckwits are currently playing in our team.
  10. I can remember distinctly that Dalglish once had a spat with Fergie and said in front of the media that his baby daughter had more sense than the Red Nose. So it's ok for the King to pick a fight with Fergie but for not Rafa?
  11. moz


    I would be very disappointed if he is restored to the centre of defence after johnson returns from injury.
  12. moz

    What happened with Torres and Carra?

    I'm glad that there's finally a bit of rational discussion about the role of carra. For a long time, there is a section of fans who seemed to think that he is immune to criticism. I am not taking away from the fact that he has been a great servant to the club but nobody is bigger than the club. He was a rock at the back for a number of years (although I sometimes have the feeling that Hyppia made him better than he really was), but his form for the last couple of seasons has been patchy at best. I have nothing against him for his lost in form, which is understandable given his age, but the problem is the arrogance he has shown in "cementing" his place in the side at the expense of the team. His refusal to play right back is well-documented. Many people were criticising Rafa for indulging in politics but Carra is not an invoice in that aspect either. His role in getting Rafa being fired is indisputable. There was also this rumour that he was leaking news to the press when Rafa was trying to sign Turner. And what about the masterstroke of signing your contract extension on the day the club changed owners? I won't be surprised if he was afraid that the contract offer will be withdrawn if the new owners take a closer look....
  13. moz

    Roy is looking to replace Pepe?

    According to my informed sources, Roy has virtually lost the support of most non-English players due to the very apparent favouritism he is showing towards the English players, notably Gerrard, Carra and Cole. Reina and Torres in particular are questioning the role of Carra in leading to Rafa being sacked.
  14. This is spot on! I am really glad that people are finally questioning the worth of Carragher in the team. For years, Hyppia had been making Carra much better than he really was.
  15. moz

    Game thread v Sunderland (h)

    This was our first shot on goal the whole half - i actually felt sorry for Sunderland. I am going to repeat AGAIN - our captain should play in the hole instead of sitting in midfield. I think the goal illustrates this.