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  1. reece289

    Sopranos or Game of thrones?

    Read the books by RR Martin and watch The Sopranos. You lucky lucky Bastard.
  2. reece289

    Frank De Boer

    If we are hiring a manager without a dof type I would look at a manager proven to make his mark on the style of football played. Similar to Van Gaal an older manager with a limited span who can set the tone. Beilsa maybe. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  3. reece289

    Frank De Boer

    Who? All the top managers in Europe run under a Dof of some type.
  4. reece289

    Frank De Boer

    It's pointless discussing managers, it's not the main problem. We need a proper football man in the boardroom, a dof or whatever. Let him decide the football we want to play and employ the managers to suit that. Zorc (dortmund), Overmars is the Ajax one, Monchi (sevilla) someone with a clue.
  5. reece289

    Declaring war on Rodgers

    I can't help but think what Brendan most have thought after the Stoke match and the players that played that day. Did he believe that Sakho and Lucas gave up in that game and tried to get him the sack? I wonder if he felt betrayed by some of the players not started this season? Even if he had the ability to pull the performances back from the crapper, he was a dead man walking after the Stoke match, not just to the fans but to the players also. The club needed to purge even if it was unfair not to give him a chance, because the situation seems to have been toxic, something either proven or increased with the sacking of his coaches. Untenable is the right word here.
  6. reece289

    Christian Benteke

    Goal aside he was pretty bad yesterday. He can hold the ball up, but isn't capable of a quick accurate pass. He is a middle table striker who can feed off scraps in the box and crosses (both goals scored came from balls out wide) Maybe that's what we are.
  7. reece289

    Christian Benteke

    He couldn't control the ball. Frightening to be honest, he has some great players around him at national level. Looked way out on place with them.
  8. reece289

    Christian Benteke

    Awful so far. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  9. reece289

    Should Mario stay or should he go

    So we are happy as a club to trash our own players in public through rags like mirror ect in order to make our manager look better. And we wonder why top players like Sanchez walk away from us.
  10. reece289

    Backing the manager

    Even if we do well this season in the league, does anyone believe we can do well in Europe in the next, or even well in the league in the next? Fsg runs a hopeful system, one that may hit once in a while, but isn't consistent.
  11. reece289

    Brendan Rodgers is a buy to let landlord.

    I wonder he had to cut the pre season short to turn up at court?
  12. reece289

    Christian Benteke

    True, but do you see Benteke adding to the team scoring besides scoring himself? Three assists a season. I mean even taking the Villa into account how does anyone know he will start?
  13. reece289

    Christian Benteke

    shit :rolleyes:
  14. reece289

    Christian Benteke

    So why haven't your club looked at him? Utd City and Arsenal all need strikers and none have looked at this guy. Looking at his assists he averages three a season. We have lost 11 goals from last season if you take in Borini, Sterling, Balotelli and Lampard. We lost 50 from the season before. If this lad scores a good return of 15 and assist 5 it leaves us well short. We needed more.
  15. reece289

    Roberto Firmino

    People do get that he has a release fee, and to claim a deal is done in theory means fuck all other than we have matched that fee with the club.