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  1. Mustangt125

    Other football

    Can somebody clear up the hatred for Pardew for me? I know he seems like a smug prick but what's the history? Btw Bolasie is awesome. Think he could at a bigger club?
  2. Mustangt125

    Summer Transfer Ballache 2016

    Wasn't the main reason for wanting to come to LFC that he wanted exposure to get in the Brazil team? That's not going to happen in China, even worse than the Ukrainian league. I'm gonna go ahead and say that's not happening.
  3. Mustangt125

    Leicester City - Away - 2 Feb 16

    Benteke on but the only player that can cross taken off?
  4. Mustangt125

    Stoke away 9/8/2015

    That's gotta be about the 5th time they hit Ibe in the face.
  5. Mustangt125

    Stoke away 9/8/2015

    Take a fucking touch!
  6. Mustangt125

    Stoke away 9/8/2015

    10 should have played Benteke in there. THen they both should haev shot.
  7. Mustangt125

    Stoke away 9/8/2015

    Somehow, I think Charlie Adam would improve our midfield. Stoke keeps the ball better than us. Let that sink in.
  8. Mustangt125

    Stoke away 9/8/2015

    Has Gomez won a single header?
  9. Mustangt125

    Stoke away 9/8/2015

    Do we even have a shot on target? I bet our completed passes in the final 3rd numbers aren't pretty.
  10. Mustangt125

    Stoke away 9/8/2015

    If we had any brains we'd have bought Pedro and played him on the right, with Ibe being his sub. Gotta make things hard tho, and now he's going to United.
  11. Mustangt125

    Society Scams

    Global warming
  12. Mustangt125

    Other football

    That would be bad news for us.
  13. Mustangt125

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    We're getting Benteke and the sooner it's accepted, the better. Our scouts don't seem to bother looking outside of the league very much. Hopefully he's awesome for us.
  14. Mustangt125

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    It looks shit. They should switch numbers.
  15. Mustangt125

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    With potentially Klopp, Rafa, Ancelotti, and Pelgrini all available this summer I think we have to make a change and get one of those four, whichever one.