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  1. Think that's a byproduct of going from people's original 7. Think some better artists would have pushed these back if everyone had submitted an extra 3.
  2. FWIW Together Again is a good cheesy jam. But yeah, PJ. Obv.
  3. I split it down the middle, turning one piece into two, largely useless, thinner pieces.
  4. Amy Winehouse wrote most of her songs, Ronson wrote the arrangements to give them a big band sound. Like a producer would or something... Very rare I can stomach opera and that video isn't it. Not for me. Got to be Amy.
  5. It was clearly just a shit reference to the 'boring James Milner' jokes.
  6. Pidge

    Favourite Rocky Film

    1-4 maybe. Can probably skip 3 as well.
  7. Pidge

    Cancel Culture

    We talking about someone getting annoyed at hipster nonsense threatening traditional Chinese restaurants? Okay. Guess freedom of speech doesn't extend to getting frustrated about gentrification.
  8. Evora added to playlist, but it's Smith for me.
  9. Pidge

    Local Weirdos

    Up on Uxbridge road, a bit rough but not really because the police station was around the corner.
  10. Pidge

    Local Weirdos

    Acton a hotspot for the Aussies then? Used to go to a (bit grim) bar there called the redback, name might more sense now.
  11. Code been along to tell us how it's a disgrace that these got in but Nelly furtado didn't yet?
  12. Pidge

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Ha, that was the song I was thinking of. Anyway, Donnie's gotta gotta gotta go.
  13. I just called to say get the fuck out of here.