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  1. 44 minutes ago, Rico1304 said:

    Action was taken this year after white and others were accused of sex attacks.  Now wouldn’t you expect it to be the other way round? I mean it’s effectively an experiment that didn’t work, so 4 years later this wing was open. And not all trans women in prison are in this wing are they?  So it’s hardly a solution is it? 

    19% of male offenders have convictions for sexual crimes.  46% of trans women in prison have convictions for sex crimes.  Now why would you put trans women in with women and be surprised that this happens? 

    You have to prove your age to compete in your age group. A test, a mouth swab, would have to be done once.   

    Right, but the text of the legislation specifically allows physical examination of "the student's reproductive anatomy". What, in theory, would be needed is irrelevant when the provisions being written into law far exceed that.


    Regarding Downview being a solution, I don't know. As I said it's so soon and there's not enough data to draw any conclusions there. I'd hope it encourages the investment in specialised facilities and services to safeguard inmates across the board, whether that requires full segregation, I don't know. The current setup (I'm not sure when it exactly) is not the first unit opened since it was first announced in 2019, either.


    Those statistics are pretty flawed as the data they draw from mainly relates to long-term prisoners and so isn't reflective of the full population.

  2. 1 hour ago, Rico1304 said:

    It’s funny that you mention that White was a ‘a few years ago’ to somehow diminish it.  But Downviews trans wing was only opened this year because of White’s rapes. 

    Trans kids can still compete in sports, they just don’t get to chose the one they want.  Why is that controversial?  High school kids don’t compete against middle school kids.  

    Edit: Downview is of course a women’s prison. 

    I'm not diminishing anything, just highlighting that action was taken in response to it (still unclear as to how effective that change will be, of course). Something you tend to leave out when you mention it as an example of something happening in the present.


    Regarding the sports, that clearly isn't the most controversial bit, is it?

  3. 1 hour ago, Bjornebye said:

    Can't they just open a trans prison? Or am I missing the point. 

    There is a trans dedicated wing at HMP downview implemented after the Karen White incident (which was a few years ago, not 'now').


    In other news Florida have passed legislation that allows the inspection of child athlete's genitalia, or other genetic/hormone testing, where their sex is 'disputed' (by any school or individual competitor).

  4. 33 minutes ago, Rico1304 said:

    Not sure I count fox as proper to be honest, but okay, that story relates to California state legislation filed in September last year, so not sure how it relates to Biden's presidency.


    That said, not keen on the contents of s2606. The search aspect would have a natural limitation on the basis of the housing angle and, while it doesn't specify pure self-ID, there's very little detail about the housing preference process.  Guess it's left for internal governance processes and subsequent appeals to sort out the detail. What a mess for everyone involved.


    Any stats regarding these hundreds of 'male' prisoners moving?

  5. 2 hours ago, Rico1304 said:

    After Biden allowed self ID in prisons hundreds of male prisoners are being transferred to women’s prisons this week.  

    Once they are there they can insist that any searches are carried out by women officers. That means women are being forced yo conduct intimate searches on men. If that offends your sensibilities it means that women are being forced to touch women’s cocks.  

    Do you have a link for this?  Looked around but can't find anything proper.