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    Really quite reasonable. In fact, in a scientific field, I'd expect around 100% of people to be subject to scrutiny.
  2. Pidge


    Quite, we're all sick of engaging with the bullshit itself so we go directly to the basic lack of credibility.
  3. Pidge


    "Astonishing" almost? Asking for a friend.
  4. Pidge


    The vet?
  5. Pidge


    Give it a couple of weeks and there'll be some idiot posting a story by Unpublished. J. Dickhead M.D. that says the opposite and will be astonished when people don't take them seriously.
  6. Pidge


    My understanding from a while back was more aligned to the RNA vaccines. In that, for a mutation to escape them they would probably have to develop an alternative to the linking protein, which would - in turn - mean it is less likely to be so virulent. I was on AZ so wouldn't cover me in that respect anyway. But then, I guess I'm getting some natural exposure to the protein now...
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    Have they determined that it's extremely mild?
  8. Pidge


    Day 3 (2) Lazy, not feeling bad by any stretch, few moments where I suddenly can't keep my eyes open and need a nap. Made dinner and decide to have a glass of wine from a bottle I've been saving. This is the moment I find that my taste has been affected, can't taste the wine at all. Like shattered glasses in that old Twilight Zone episode...
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    Other Football 2021/22

    Wilson is such a waste of a footballer, one of their few attacks and he's only interested in trying to cheat his way to a penalty. Trying shooting, dickhead.
  10. Pidge

    Youth Team/Cup

    I think Clarkson's more expansive in his play, but Morton might be more equipped physically. Clarkson's size and relative lack of pace is what might hold him back. Like, Chirivella would be a good watermark for him to reach at the moment, let alone a real first team option. And I say that as a fan of his. Smart player.
  11. Pidge


    Day 2, which is now day 1 according to test and trace because their symptoms list is bullshit. So an extra day, not all that bad as a cautious return is probably safer. Still though. Wankers. Then test and trace seem to want to manually plot out where I've been despite it being an app for that expressed purpose and also I've already told everyone I know that I've been in contact with because I'm not a cunt. All in all I agree about the irritation.
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    Cannot find a single article published in a medical journal by that guy. He is, however, trying to sell a book.
  13. Pidge


    bollocks. Looks like this might be day 1/10. Just in time for a f**tball match and gig. Teach me for moaning about the long drive...
  14. Pidge

    The Foodie thread

    A true return to form.
  15. Pidge

    Boris Johnson

    Play the clown for a bit to help everyone move past the widespread, ingrained corruption. Fair enough.
  16. Pidge

    Rate the last game you've played...

    As the image suggests, it's a little unbalanced at the moment. I signed Mbappe and almost had a 100% season (lost one games where I just played the kids), no reloading or anything. Man utd came second with about 100 points.
  17. Pidge

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    10m bargepole seems a bit over the top. Would've sorted out the Suez mess, mind.
  18. Scooby and cheers for me, South Bank Show just missing out.
  19. Pidge

    Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0 (Nov 21 2021)

    Not sure anyone was keen at £50m tbh
  20. Pidge

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Being outclassed by a team that is several classes above them is a step too far for some on GoT it seems. Nevermind Richy lad making Ronaldo look industrious earlier.