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  1. bonesman

    roma home

    Fsg v Fsg, hmm.
  2. bonesman

    We’ve conquered all of Europe

    Boss song / chant this, think they sing it too fast at the match tho.
  3. bonesman

    Interesting Comments from Carra...

    What was he thinking ? If carlsberg did self sabotage.
  4. bonesman

    Boxing 2018

    Any luck with that ?
  5. bonesman

    Philippe Coutinho

    Suzy Knows.
  6. bonesman

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Yes, boss player, gong to do welll here !
  7. bonesman

    Virgil Van Dijk

  8. Sammys oscar winning 'head in hands' for that second goal, secretly buzzing i reckon haha.
  9. bonesman

    Klopp interview / press conference thread

    Salute to you @Rotpeter, keeping things ticking over nicely !!
  10. bonesman

    Stoke City (a) -PL Match Thread

    Warning! The following content is NOT WORK SAFE. Click the Show button to reveal. Any decent streams anyone ?