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    The kids have broken my tears dam tonight. Not by being sad, but by how amazingly strong and mature they've been about it all. The little bloody troopers!
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    Thanks for the kind messages, all.
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    Cheers. Much appreciated. I'm up with them now. It was my brother's wife. It's been a very difficult evening.
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    Cheers. Much appreciated.
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    Absolutely brutal, indiscriminate bastard of a disease. I lost an in-law earlier today due to leukaemia/complications. They were only diagnosed 3 or 4 weeks ago and the doctors were aiming for and confident of full remission. Then, today, they deteriorated suddenly, suffering two bleeds on the brain and passed shortly after. Leaving behind three kids all under the age of 10. I'm numb. Struggling to process it. Haven't cried yet. It doesn't seem real. I could rationalise it if they couldn't treat it and gave her a couple of years or whatever, but the quickness of it all has left me stunned.
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    Donald Trump

    Roger Stone has just had his 3 year prison sentence commuted by Trump. America has gone full banana republic.
  7. Nelly-Torres

    Cancel Culture

    It doesn't exist. Some people just can't deal with the fact that some people don't agree with their opinions and think that they're a bit of a cunt.
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    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Hahaha. Fuck off! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jul/09/chris-grayling-expected-chair-isc-intelligence-security-committee
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    Food Amnesty

    Sam Quek is on Celebrity MasterChef. I'd eat literally anything she'd made. Even sprouts.
  10. Nelly-Torres

    Food Amnesty

    Bloody steak is fucking hideous and for savages only.
  11. Nelly-Torres

    Virgil Van Dijk

  12. Nelly-Torres

    8/7/2020 Brighton (A) Premier League 20:15

    Fairly comfortable win. Brighton did okay, but you felt that we could always step up a gear and blow them away. Salah was bright. Keita had a great 60 odd minutes and Wijnaldum was everywhere in the second half. That bit though when van Dijk headed it up in the air and was about five yards behind the man who the ball was dropping to and he just changed direction and muscled in front of the attack to keep the ball. Absolutely top class.
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    So, it looks like it was actually the Tories who nationalised sausages?
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    Only valid Monday to Wednesday.
  15. Nelly-Torres


    No £500 high street vouchers, by the looks of it. There's no way that the Tories are getting my vote now...
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    Tory party conference cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns and replaced with a virtual event. The rest of you? Get into those pubs and shops and schools. Hurry up!
  17. Nelly-Torres

    Saudi Arabia

    We've decided to resume arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite them committing "possible" war crimes as they were "isolated incidents." That's sound, then...
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    Do you reckon these twats are going to give us all £500? If so, I bet there'll be massive limits on how and where you can spend it. Plus, if it comes to fruition, just imagine the "free stuff for everyone!" shouts if a Labour government would've rolled out such a scheme.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Richarlison will start making noises soon. He'll be off once a Champions League club flashes their knickers at him. That's if he's good enough to play for such a club. And, the Dixie Dean stuff. As we're dealing with Evertonians and their constant dignity one-upmanship, well, I wouldn't entirely rule out that it was one of their own that lit the flare to try and pin it on "da redshite."
  20. Nelly-Torres

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They're still utter gash though.
  21. Nelly-Torres

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Chortle! They're absolutely fucking feeeeeeeeewwwwwming! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2907778049349138&id=595181987275434
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    A certain class of people on Facebook seem to be obsess with "nonces." Particularly on news pages when they report the outcome of a criminal trial. Usually one not connected to nonceing in any way. Say a report on a drug dealer getting 6 years prison, then you'll always get a comment like "but u get peedos getting less for rapin kids!" Paedos are bad, it goes without saying. But, some people seem all consumed by them.