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  1. Nelly-Matip


    I wouldn’t do that, to be honest.
  2. Nelly-Matip

    Ray Liotta - RIP

    Bad one. Goodfellas is one of those films that you could watch over and over again.
  3. Nelly-Matip

    Boris Johnson

    We’re so lucky to have a PM who makes massive personal sacrifices like this…
  4. Nelly-Matip

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    I sometimes pop into the Heron Food shop by mine. Not for a big shop, but if I want a few bits like milk and other stuff that they have cheap/a different selection of like pop/biscuits etc. Anyway, the staff in there have been equipped with Bluetooth headsets so that they can communicate with each other. But, they don’t always do it to discuss work related matters. And, a few of them don’t stop talking on them while they’re serving you. The bloke was scanning my stuff the other day when he randomly said something like “if they broke into my house, the only thing worth robbing would be my Harry Potter DVDs.” I was thinking what the fuck is he talking about before I clicked on that he was using the headset to chat to another staff member out in the back of the shop. It pissed me off, thinking about it later. Not only did I think he was a bit mad for striking up a random conversation with me but, after clicking on what was happening, I also thought that it was just very fucking rude to do that while serving customers.
  5. Nelly-Matip

    Israel - A Rant

    BREAKING NEWS: CNN are antisemitic. Well, nobody expected that, did they?…
  6. Nelly-Matip

    Israel - A Rant

  7. Nelly-Matip

    Boris Johnson

    Poor Boris. He was just doing his duty by saying farewell to some departing colleagues. Stop picking on him. He’s a nice bloke really. Irrespective of the fact that thousands of people across the country would have loved 1 minute, let alone 10 minutes, to say farewell to permanently departing friends, family and loved ones.
  8. Nelly-Matip

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    If we did, I’d bring an older forward in for a season or two and then go after Nkunku as Leipzig want to keep hold of him for another season,
  9. Nelly-Matip

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    The Mané to Bayern rumours seem to be getting a bit stronger. Unfortunately.
  10. Nelly-Matip

    Crime and Punishment

    Verdict in already. Guilty of murder.
  11. Nelly-Matip

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I was laughing to myself at the quick cuts to the “crowd” footage. They showed about 3 or 4 clips of the “crowd” that each lasted for about 1 second. Probably because there was nothing much to show. It’s farcical.
  12. Nelly-Matip

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The other thing is that we could make a list of Everton’s indiscretions from Brentford racism, to alleged Icelandic nonces, to launching fireworks at hotels or kids at Lyon players to an argument of was the Martin Georgiev thing any worse than severely cutting up a black Mancunian amateur boxer, not to mention Andy Nicholls. I could go on. But, unlike them, I can’t be bloody arsed.
  13. Nelly-Matip

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    polish. He’ll never be seen in Everton’s trophy room.
  14. Nelly-Matip

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    “Destroying Man City’s coach.” They really do live in an alternative reality.