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    age differences

    That Mohammed tag can only be described as the work of genius. Claim your rep
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    Cat Pics

    [YOUTUBE]zjFywJrn7WQ&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]--FyndryTFo&feature=player_embedded#[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]57VbE0J9niw&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]8NvPcphRbec&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]7WzvmgXIksw&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]w3Zaq2xW8Xo&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]pN4kl1ryJp0&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]2x8yn4Jn-Yc&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]FuCu6IRxUpE&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]tD8ndsZWYTE&feature=player_embedded[/YOUTUBE]
  3. Horus

    Where do we go from here?

    Good point, but if Rafa had been allowed to go through with the Dani Alves and Simao deals, would we still have a problrm on the wings? I'm not defending Rafa, as I think he should go, but not being allowed to sign the players he wanted, has arguably forced him to waste money on the revolving door. Signing players that are gambles is not the way to sustain top quality football and a team. However, that said, and rather bizarrely, Spurs first match of the season was the final straw for me. After watching us sweep all before us for the last few months, we instantly went back to safety first, try and nick a goal football. If Rafa hadn't been thrilled and inspired by our football last season, he never would be. I have no idea who we can get for some magic beans and some belly button fluff, but I've resigned myself to us moving from the top table and feeding for scraps around 6th / 7 th each year if the owners stay. Therefore, the most we can hope for is an attacking approach to the match. I think I'd slit my wrists if we are watching defensive footie and finishing 7th each year, at least a bit of excitement might give us the odd bit of hope. Rafa has made his mistakes, but he is not the real problem at our club. Unfortunately, the club is riddled with cancer, and I'd like to see see everyone out and start again. I'm seriously considering jacking the club in and getting behind AFC. In fact, that could be a protest idea, skip a match, get AFC to hire out a bigger stadium (Tranmere) and we pack out that stadium. Just to show people what we may do as a group if things don't change.
  4. Horus

    Ace song intros

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me present the winner [YOUTUBE]UOg_8hCC4u4&feature=related[/YOUTUBE]
  5. Horus

    Mancs Away

    Was in the fifth minute at the toilet, so I reckon there's closer to 97 minutes left
  6. Horus

    TLW Online Snooker Tourny.

    I'll have to drop out, I'm afraid. Pool shark just crashes everytime I go to use it, and I have to uninstall / re-install just to get it to work for an hour or so before crashing. I can play on GrandBilliards without issue, but I can't get poolshark to work properly. Has anyone else had an issue with it, that they've then gone on to resolve?
  7. You know the rules, and so do I.
  8. Horus

    Sad songs..

  9. Horus

    TLW Online Snooker Tourny.

    If there's a drop out, I'll fill in. Let me know.
  10. Horus

    FAO of the Rehabilitation Clerks

    If it's proved, he should be held i custody indefinitely and without a release date. He has to prove he's ready for society and regrets his actions. However, there are obviously mental issues involved here, as "normal people" recoil in horror at these events. Someone of sound mind would be unable to commit such attrocities. Unless he receives such help (even that may not work), then he he should see out his days behind bars. Unfortunately, the detaining of convicted criminals isn't an exact measureable science, and the logical thing to declare here would be that he should be put to death. However, I have no interest in a country that is able to murder it's people, regardless of their crimes. It's just not how a modern, progressive society should conduct itself. Apart from societal blood lust, it's a useles punishment and in no way acts as a deterrent.
  11. Horus

    Cat Pics

  12. Horus

    Rooney off to Spain ????

    Torres is English?
  13. Horus

    Chievo coach banned for blasphemy

    The whole Jeebus myth is basically pagan sun worshipping. However, The Christians don't like accept that little fact, which is why you could curse the name of "Ēostre" in Italian football without retribution. Mention zombie h christ though, and well, that's a different matter.
  14. Horus

    Chievo coach banned for blasphemy

    The easter bunny is pagan so it's fine. Don't fuck with the zombie overlord though!!
  15. Horus

    Have fun with Omegle

    Stranger: hi You: zeich heil Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  16. Horus

    Have fun with Omegle

    Stranger: hi You: You: scibbedy beep bop danna na da na na na. I'm the scat man Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  17. Horus

    Shared stadium meeting.

    When you share a stadium, you share the revenues. This is a major factor in the Italian clubs now deciding to move away from sharing and build their own. From the cunts perspective, there is no way they can make enough money from half a stadium. In fact, Inter came out recently and bemoaned the revenues they are losing out whilst sharing facilities with AC. It's corporate facilities that create the highest percentage revenue per bum on seat/prawn sandwich, and that's where the business plan of sharing fails. Unfortnately, for the bitters, this would automatically increase their revenues, and the council will get a lovely new landmark to put on their tourist brochures. Once we're in with them, there's no escape. Seriously, do people considering this really think it will pull both clubs up to the top table or keep both clubs plateud below (where we are now)? Unless the cunts leave, then we will always be financially fucked.
  18. Horus

    Another horrible news story

    Are they sure it was the dog? have they got any leads to go on?
  19. Horus

    Another horrible news story

    Fucking hell, that is really woof.
  20. Horus

    Have fun with Omegle

    this is addictive You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hi You: hi Stranger: asl please You: f/ You: 22/f/US You: you? Stranger: 24 m Stranger: you name Stranger: please You: Helena. What about you. Where are you? Stranger: mahfi Stranger: turkey You: Where's that? Stranger: near greece Stranger: under greece You: Are you a bit fat sweaty turk that likes kebabs? Stranger: ı am turkish man but ıam thin Stranger: ı am fit You: DO you have that greasy skin look like the blokes in the chip shop. Do you have hairy shoulders? Stranger: but turkay famous for cooks Stranger: you are Stranger: rude Stranger: woman You: Yeah, I know. ALl the top restaurants in the world use Turks for their top chefs Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  21. Horus

    Have fun with Omegle

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: Wasssuuuuuuppppppp Stranger: notin much hommy g!!! Stranger: u? You: just chillaxin, maxin it ain't too taxin. Stranger: oh thats cool im chillaxin at school being bored 2 death You: Takin it back to tha old school, cos you're an old fool, playin by your own rules Stranger: u know it You: damn straight, I'm a mother fucking pussy beater banging at your front gate Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  22. Horus

    Have fun with Omegle

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hey You: hi asl Stranger: 17 m il us. U? You: Is 17 above legal age to "do it" in your country? Stranger: u mean sex or pot? You: the bam chika bah wah, hubba hubba, grrrrrrrrr. Stranger: ah i see. on the internet it is i think. idk its not like were gonna meet up n fuck Stranger: why do you wanna know You: why not? I like you. You like me? Stranger: well your pretty nice but your not from this country and im poor You: I pay, you leave family live with me. I make you very happy. Crazy in love. Stranger: cool Stranger: where you from You: Iraq Stranger: wats ur adress so i can come Stranger: sweet Stranger: i heard its a nice place You: you know it Stranger: so you a dude or chick Stranger: ? You: what is chick? Like the animal of the cluck cluck? with the egg from the annuus? Stranger: like a girl Stranger: or a boy You: Ahhh, girl. I girl. I 19 Stranger: ? Stranger: well are you wearing a thing on your head Stranger: cause you gotta in iraq You: Yes, but I pretty underneath. I won beauty contest. it only that slit across eyes though. but I won Stranger: are you
  23. Horus

    Have fun with Omegle

    Stranger: Hi Stranger: Asl? You: What is the asl, thank you please? Stranger: Age, Male/Female, Land ;) You: My naming is ben smith thank you. You: Do you have a software malfunctioning? Your conversational partner has disconnected.